Five Easy Ways to Convert Your PDF Document to a PPT File

Five Easy Ways to Convert Your PDF Document to a PPT File

Feb 20, 2021, 10:00:39 AM Tech and Science

Stuck with a presentation deadline and only a PDF file? Need to show something to your team without endlessly scrolling down? Sounds like you need a way to change that file from PDF to PPT. But you might find yourself thinking, just how do I even do that?

Well, don’t pull out all your hair just yet. That’s because we’ll be exploring five ways you can turn PDF to PPT free and easy. And the best part? You don’t need to be a computer wiz to do it. It’s that easy!

1 - Use a PDF Reader Program

The first simple way to turn PDF to PPT is to add it directly into the PDF reader program. Not every PDF reader has a native option to convert PDF to PPT. But there are definitely some that do. 

On the top of the list, you have great programs like Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Reader. Not only are these the go-to PDF reader programs, but they also double as a great PDF to PPT converter. 

To get the process going, all you have to do is open your PDF file with the reader program. Once it’s open, you should have some options to export it into different formats. It may take some digging according to your program and version, but you can usually find a way to export to PPT. 

2 - Convert it Online

An online PDF to PPT converter is the next best step towards getting a PPT file. In fact, if you don’t have a native program to read PDFs, it’s an even better alternative. 

There are plenty of sites out there that convert PDF to PPT free online. Which one you choose is entirely up to you. Some might work better than others. Some might offer additional features. It’s always your call to make.

The bottom line is, you won’t have to mess around with any programs. You’ll be able to convert PDF to PPT online free without any of the hassles involved with it. You can also convert the PPT to PDF with the help of online PPT to PDF converter tool.

3 - Use a Mobile App

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of a computer or an available internet connection at your disposal. In those cases, your trusty smartphone might be your only choice to get out of a sticky situation. 

This is why it’s always handy to have a PDF to PPT converter app installed on your phone at all times. You won’t have to go around looking for PDF to PPT online converters on airport Wi-Fi or racking your brain to get within reach of a computer. 

Whether you’re team Android or iOS, you can always find converter apps on your phone’s app store. 

4 - Use a Converter Program

If you don’t want to convert PDF to PPT online, then you can always utilize a converter program. There are several out there to find, and they might offer you a more reliable experience than a PDF to PPT converter online or on your phone. 

The great thing about dedicated converters is that you’re always in control of how you want your conversion to go. You aren’t at the mercy of size limits and ads that come with converting PDF to PPT online.

Always be on the lookout for a good converter program that lets you pick the exact conversion settings. That way, you will end up with the perfect PPT file from your PDF source. 

5 - Insert It into PowerPoint

No matter your reason for opening up PowerPoint, it’ll usually have something to with PPT files. And luckily, it can help you out in a pinch even when your source file is not a PPT. 

Now you might be puzzled on how to convert PDF to PPT using PowerPoint. And the simple answer is that you technically can’t. But don’t let that get you flustered because it offers the next best solution. 

If all else fails, PowerPoint can always integrate your PDF into a slide. That way, you can use the insert option to attach your PDF file so you can get a PPT file in the end. It’s not the most elegant solution. But hey, it works!

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