To wear abaya or not wear it?

To wear abaya or not wear it?

May 4, 2021, 9:42:06 AM Life and Styles

Abaya is one traditional dress that Muslim women all over the world wear. However, in many parts of the world, it is still seen as the apparel of an oppressed people. No matter how smart the person is, if a woman is seen wearing something like an abaya, people automatically assume it is because they are TOLD to wear it and not wearing it because of their own will. The good news is, times are changing constantly, the things that were not acceptable before are not quite much acceptable.

There is no compulsion in any way, even the ministry of Saudi Arabia has relaxed the mandatory rule of wearing abayas. Times are changing, those who want to fashionably wear these abayas are rocking their world. On the other hand, those who are not comfortable wearing them are taking refuge in another kind of modest clothing. Brands like The Black Camels have made it much easier for women to start owning their culture and wear modest clothing. They have an extensive variety of abayas catering to the fashion needs of every woman all over the country.

If not abaya then what?

There are thousands of other options for women to wear if they are not interested in wearing abayas. If we take the example of Saudi Arabia women there are now confidently abandoning the plain black version of the traditional abaya, a loose, body-covering dress that all Saudi women wear in public over their clothing to comply with decency laws. In its place, they are opting for conservative but creative alternatives: sporty jumpsuits, business-cut robes, and even kimonos.

The wardrobe change has drawn grumbling from some conservative Saudis, including women, the vast majority of whom still wear traditional black abayas. Outside relatively cosmopolitan cities such as Jeddah or Riyadh, women could still face harassment for violating dress codes deeply rooted in Saudi traditions.

However, if we take a look at the collection of the Black Camels you would understand how their abayas are so trendy and chic. They have made fashion easy and more accessible to women all over the world. Since in Saudi Arabia, women are given relaxation and it is up to them whether they wish to don it or not. But in other parts of the world, women still like to wear abaya as they feel more confident in it. It varies from woman to woman; some women like to reveal skin and feel more comfortable in that. On the other hand, there are many women who wish to stay covered.

Continuous development

Twenty years ago, women did not care much for either the appearance of the color of their abayas; it was a peripheral piece of cloth. What mattered was the outfit underneath. Later on, fashion designers instigated the production of colorful, carefully embroidered abayas, making them a lavish outfit that could bear a $300 price tag. While the world for over two years has been witnessing major changes, primarily in women's lifestyle and limitations, they started to liberate themselves from the typical dark abayas. New designs have changed the original purpose of the abaya: from a loose-fitting garment that is meant to cover what is underneath, to a decorated outfit that could be slim-fit, all credits go to our brands like Black Camels. Some abayas cover the head, others are placed on the shoulders, with white and rosy becoming common colors.

Wrapping up

Your clothes do not define you, that is what we all believe right? But your clothes play a major role in making your personality. How you are seen in the world and how people perceive you. When we talk about abayas, one should know there is a huge variety of abayas available today. Gone are the days when women were restricted to black abayas only. Today they have a plethora of options to choose from, you can get whatever and however abaya you want and don them however you wish to. Nevertheless, one thing that women must be careful of is that abaya or no abaya, your worth and self-confidence must not be disturbed. The clothes that you are wearing speak for you, you do not want your lousy PJs to give you an image of a lazy person.

The good thing about the current era is, women are given freedom which they were deprived of in the previous years. Even if they wish to wear modest clothing, they have a lot of options to choose from. The different kinds of abayas let the women be trendy and fashionable without compromising their religion or modesty. You are not comfortable showing your skin and want something flashy and trendy for the party? Do not worry Black Camels has got your back. They select different cuts, styles, and colors to suit each client’s personality and body type. Sometimes they will accessorize it with a belt, sometimes they will keep it open as part of the outfit.

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