A User’s Guide to Audi Servicing Tips

A User’s Guide to Audi Servicing Tips

Sep 28, 2017, 11:32:00 AM Business

On your way to conquer new roads, an Audi is a cherished possession. If you are driving it for the first time, then definitely the sound of the engine along with comfort and luxury will be at the back of your mind. It would be incredible if an Audi would go on covering miles and miles without the need of any form of maintenance. Though there has been a lot of effort as far as proper engine oil is concerned, the fact is that you would need to get it replaced. So, you should be aware that your Audi is due for its next maintenance. It could be in a year, or upon completion of 10,000 miles, or whichever occurs first. 

The service due alert is an indicator that it is high time that your next check-up needs to be done. Do not be alarmed, as it is not the same pattern, as a check engine delight is. 

#1 Have a Glance at Your Audi Service Booklet

When you are at an Audi service centre, carry your booklet with you. It will be stamped and signed by the centre whereby future service or maintenance arrangement is facilitated. In recent times, a digital one has replaced the traditional booklet. During the life of a car or even if, the vehicle changes ownership all records will be intact with the help of service booklet. 

#2 Maintenance of Brake Disc

Moisture along with water easily accumulates in the brakes once your car is washed. It can pave way for rusting. If there is rust in brake disk, it will damage the pad and the disc, which may reduce the power of the brake. Never throw pressured water to the disc or brake. 

#3 Maintenance of Wiper Blades

Make it a point that you always tend to use quality car care products, designed keeping in mind the demands of washing vehicles. The wiper blades need handling with a tinge of care. Never flap the arms of the wiper so that unnecessary damage on the windshield occurs. 

#4 Make It a Point that You Wash and Care for Vehicle on A Regular Basis

As an owner, you should only use reliable washing fluids designed for the exterior of the car. A light sponge cloth is to be used and clean water to rinse the dirt and then apply the washing fluids so that no form of scratch occurs. 

#5 Inside The Headlights, Condensation May Occur

When you turn off the headlight, a difference of temperature is witnessed between the exterior and the interior of the headlight paving way for condensation that occurs inside the unit. It is recommended that the owners under normal situations should operate the headlights for a few minutes so that the moisture soaks in.

#6 Roadster Maintenance

In the harshest of climatic conditions especially in case of a thunderstorm or persistent rain, a roadster, parked under a rough surface, forces the flex to heal. Gaps between the top and windows may lead to leakage. Therefore, always park your car indoors during the rainy season or when the weather is bad. 

#7 Maintenance of Tyre

Sensible driving habits and maintaining the correct inflation pressure may prolong the life of your car. You should make it a habit of checking your tire pressure twice in a month and inspect tires on a regular basis for wear and tear. 

To conclude, on the booklet the names of all the Audi service centre is specified. It would be prudent at your end to fix up an appointment in nearest service centre in your area. Only after that, head to the centre for the servicing.

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