All About The Samsung Ducted Air Conditioner Installation

All About The Samsung Ducted Air Conditioner Installation

Jan 25, 2019, 2:48:24 PM Business

In summers we need a proper cooling system in our homes so split air conditioner is not enough to provide cool air to entire home so there comes a ducted air conditioning system using which we can make our home cooler in the scorching heats of Australia. A ducted air conditioning system is built in order to efficiently provide the users with the desired comfort throughout the length and breadth of the home or office. The indoor unit in a ducted air conditioner is usually located under the floor or in the ceiling. The flexible ductwork channels are placed in such a manner that the conditioned air is given out through the vents which are located in the desired areas of the house or office.

The flexibility that is incorporated in the zoning ensures that the user is able to operate the system according to their use. For example, the users can use the system in their living rooms during the day and in their bedrooms during the night. This would help the users in saving their money on their electricity bills.

Parts of the Samsung Ducted Air Conditioners

A Samsung ducted air conditioner system is being well-designed in such a manner that it works unobtrusively in order to heat or cool the selected areas in the house or office just with the help of one system.  Samsung introduced the Smart Inverter technology which completely ensures that the users experience the minimal temperature fluctuations which in turn ensures optimal comfort for the users. The smart inverter has the capacity of automatically adjusting the complete Samsung ducted air conditioning system and this helps in ideally maintaining the programmed temperature without constantly switching off & switching on the system’s compressor. This ensures more efficient operation of the Samsung ducted air conditioning system.

There are 3 major components of the Samsung ducted air conditioner. They are as follows:

  • Controller: There is a stylish as well as an intuitive controller in the Samsung ducted air conditioners. Some models also feature LCD backlighting and also time scheduling facility as well.
  • Outdoor Unit: The Samsung Smart Inverter compressor is present in the outdoor unit. This outdoor unit consists of the coils responsible for heat exchanging as well as circulating the refrigerant to the inner unit as well.
  • Indoor Unit: This unit majorly contains the heat exchanging coil which is responsible for cooling the air within your house when operated in cooling mode and it warms the air when placed in the heating mode. The inner unit is being installed in your ceiling and is hidden from the view. A fan is also present in the indoor unit which is being used to blow the conditioned air through the ducts that are being installed in your space to the outlets in the ceiling of every room.


Once you have opted for the Samsung Ducted Air Conditioner Installation, you would be able to control your comfort from anywhere. This is because the Samsung ducted air conditioner models also feature Wi-Fi control which means that your comfort is in your fingertips. You would be able to use a compatible iOS or Android Smartphone in order to control the Samsung ducted air conditioner system and you would be able to check the room temperature in your house or office even when you are away. This ensures that your room is comfortable by the time you arrive. All these fantastic features certainly tell a lot about the facilities and thus a Samsung ducted air conditioner installation in your home or office is a great idea.


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