Facts regarding Female incontinence problems- A wearer of Incontinence Pads

Facts regarding Female incontinence problems- A wearer of Incontinence Pads

Jan 11, 2018, 5:38:37 PM Business

Don’t ever believe that females are the only one facing the problems of incontinence in their daily lives, instead males are also not safe from these issues. May be the reason for the triggers are different for both the people, but the situation is same. Females are not the only wearer of Incontinence Pads for Adults instead males are the part of this run too. If you observe closely then you will find that Females are shyer about this topic or using the incontinence products. As per the research, it is found that more than 25 million people in America are facing urinary incontinence. Out of these 25 million, 75% are women but the rest 25% belongs to male category who are also facing bladder issues.

  • Apart from prostate cancer surgery, some other reasons to trigger or cause incontinence among men includes neurological disorder, spinal injury, as well as diabetes, That is why, many companies are introducing adult diapers for men.
  • Heavy weight which is more of a cause for female incontinency also affects the males along with cigarette smoking and heavy consumption of alcohol.
  • The enlargement of prostate gland among the men also causes the problem of incontinence. This enlargement can easily block the urethra (pipe to move urine out of the body) which can cause leakages of small amount of urine or difficulties in urination. Where both the points are harmful.
  • Men are more embarrassed about using the incontinence products than the women. Hence, initially they do not try to consult the doctor which is the very wrong move on their behalf. So if you are going through the incontinence dilemma, it's time to meet a specialist doctor.
  • Apart from the reasons mentioned above, a stroke or Parkinson's disease (which mostly affects men) can also be the cause of incontinence among the men of any age. Multiple sclerosis generally affects the women but it is also found in men and can also be one of the reasons among many others.
  • The manufacturers of incontinence products now understand the problem of men regarding the usage of their products. Hence, they are coming up with new ideas and line of products based on the gender.
  • In cases of incontinence among men many of the doctors suggest a surgery where, “Doctors can implant an artificial rubber sphincter around the urethra. The sphincter is inflated and deflated to control urine flow. Another procedure, called the bulb urethral sling (or male sling), supports the urethra with a mesh hammock.”
  • In cases of urge incontinence, many doctors recommend the usage of sacral nerve stimulation which is nothing but a pacemaker. The main work of this pacemaker includes sending signals to our sacral nerve in order to manage working of the bladder.
  • Some medications are known to increase the problem of incontinence among the men which include diuretics, antihistamines, and antidepressants, so before starting your treatment it is always better to consult the doctor about your ongoing medication.
  • Don’t be surprised, but men can also take part in the Kegel or pelvic floor exercises to control their incontinence problem. No doubt, the procedure will be different but it is there for them too. Many doctors suggest starting with sets of slow contractions and then moving to fast ones. One can consult their doctors in regards to the same.
  • Incontinence affects emotionally more to men then women. For instance, females are accustomed to wear pads few days every month where as the whole concept of incontinence products is alien to the men and a lot more uncomfortable which eat them emotionally.

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