5 Flu Season Must-Haves

5 Flu Season Must-Haves

Mar 3, 2021, 11:35:40 AM Life and Styles

Flu season can be the scariest time of the year, where illness lurks around the corner, and there's a severe need for more blankets and comfort. Instead of fighting off the flu with what you had or trying to ignore that, you have it: here are five easy and affordable options anyone can tame while also offering you some comforts you deserve.

Vitamin C

Although most Vitamin C powder packets can’t stop you from catching a cold or getting sick, they can help you build your immune system. If you have any vitamin deficiencies, it's like leaving the door to your immune system wide open. Instead, it would help if you focused on getting enough Vitamin C and other vitamins necessary to help your body fight off any influenza you might be exposed to.

A Blow Dryer

This option may not be what pops into your mind when you're thinking about fighting off the flu, but it should be at the top of your list anyway. Going out into the cold with wet or damp hair will lower your immune system's ability to fight back against illness. You don't have to use hot air if your hair is dyed or fried; just ensure that it's scorched before you step into the world.

Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Everything is sold in a miniature form these days. Pocket hand sanitizer, coming in containers smaller than lipstick tubes, is a small and discreet way to allow you to cleanse your hands after you come into contact with any public area. With multiple uses, from cleaning grocery cart handles to washing your hands after shopping, you can keep your fingers clean. While you use this, it's essential to follow through and cover your mouth and nose with your inner arm when you sneeze and cough.

Soup Stored Up

When you looked at Long Island houses for sale, you probably weren't considering where you could fit a deep freezer. A large part of preparing for winter is to create a backlog of soups and foods you can reheat and enjoy when you're sick. A healthy meal can help you feel better, and a little tasty hot food might help you rest and sleep when you get tired. The best soups to store ahead of time are chili, chicken noodle, and other high water content soups. These will help you feel better faster by warming you up inside out.


Although most people view thermometers as borderline useless, they should take these tools more carefully. If you have high pain tolerance or live alone, you may not notice when your fever gets terrible. On top of that, recent studies show that a high temperature can be a sign of knowing if you're infectious or not.  Keep a thermometer on hand that you can easily read, and try to measure your temperature every couple of hours. This hourly checking will give you the chance to ensure your temp stays within safe levels and that you'll be able to call a doctor if things go south.

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