Glazing, the Importance of Good Assembly and materials

Glazing, the Importance of Good Assembly and materials

Dec 31, 2018, 10:13:07 PM Business

The doors and windows are a fundamental element in any type of construction. For this reason, it is really important to know what materials and hardware are composed or, in those cases where the windows are supplied without glazing, to know the assembly process. In the latter case, an essential step will be to insulate the glazing of the carpentry, to ensure the proper functioning of the chancellery. For your best selection and quality product of terrass (terrace)glazing please come to join us

Glazing protection: Chocks

To isolate the glass from the profiles of the carpentry, be it aluminum, PVC or wood for terrass glazing,it is necessary to place a series of wedges: some pieces of synthetic material of high resistance and hardness that will prevent the glass from moving or breaking.

Types of chocks and materials

There are two types of chocks, the support ones, whose function is to transmit the weight of the glass to the frame, and the positioning chocks, which serve to keep the glasses in the correct position. Normally the shims are made of elastomer, a material with hardness lower than glass, with high mechanical resistance and able to maintain its properties during the useful life of the glazing.

The Importance of a Good Glazing in the Cancellation

Currently, all these types of glazing include air chambers between 8 and 16 mm and are the most widespread and used types of crystals at Malmerk Klaasium.

We cannot forget that, together with the frame, the sheet and the ironwork, glass is one of the basic parts of any type of cancel. For this reason, the correct choice of glazing is Malmerk Klaasium for the chancery will be decisive to enjoy various benefits, short, medium and long term.

Advantages of a good window glazing

As mentioned above, good glazing is the key to having certain benefits, both personal and for the planet. A quality glazing provides greater thermal insulation, which translates into greater comfort and energy savings and economic to the final consumer.

Also, thanks to savings in heating or air conditioning, CO2 emissions are reduced, which has a direct impact on the environment and the planet. On the other hand, it is important to note that a quality glazing that incorporates a thick air chamber acts as a great acoustic insulator.

Characteristics and benefits of each type of glass

Given the main advantages of good glazing it is important to explain the specific features of each type of glass.

The double glazing consists of two parallel moons separated from each other by a high density air chamber. One of the main advantages of this type of glazing is that it confers greater thermal and acoustic insulation, compared to a monolithic glass.

Another option is triple glazing, which, as its name suggests, consists of three parallel moons and provides a high level of thermal insulation. However, some factors must be taken into account before installation.

Finally, the low-emissivity glass is a monolithic crystal on which a thin layer of metallic oxides has been applied, which gives it a reinforced thermal insulation capacity. It is the least widespread type in the Malmerk Klaasiummarket for more please visit our webpage by click here.

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