Guidelines For Data Cable Installation

Guidelines For Data Cable Installation

Jan 25, 2019, 2:41:04 PM Business

Getting data cables installed in your organization will solve your network security problems. If you want a speedy network environment with mobility and expandability, then you should get data cable installation by an expert mechanic so that you can implement a safe and secure system. The data cable installation guidelines are not just limited to pull in the cable and just to maintain the bend radius control. In order to ensure that the data cables go in correctly and work efficiently for several years, there are certain guidelines that are to be adhered to in order to have a trouble-free data cable installation.

Delivery Checklist:

  • The following checklist needs to be necessarily followed:
  • You need to check whether you have designated a specific site contact to accept the delivery.
  • You necessarily need to check whether the product has been delivered.
  • This needs to be checked whether there has been any damage caused to the pallet/product during the transit phase.
  • This needs to be given proper attention whether you have the provision of an organized storage facility to store the data cables if they are not meant to be used immediately.
  • You need to check whether the cable complies with the requested Class and Category.
  • You need to check whether all the connected components have been delivered as well.


In case you have to store the data cable, then you need to necessarily check the following:

  • You should always store the data cable in a secure storage area.
  • The cables should be well-protected from any of the environmental influences like the data cables have to be kept dry and also within the acceptable temperature ranges. The cables which are stored in extreme cold or hot temperature can be compromised due to the damage in their insulation.
  • The stored data cable should always be stored in their original manufacturer’s packaging until they are installed.

Regulations and Standards:

  • You need to necessarily follow the local country regulations and the necessary guidelines which are specific to the ordered data cable which is to be installed.
  • It is also mandatory to follow the guidelines by the manufacturer in order to receive the best outcome.
  • You should make sure that the installer warranty certification is updated for the staffs engaged in their installation on-site.

Wall Openings, Open Installation and Cable Trays

  • The copper data cables are to be necessarily installed in separate containment from the other installed cables.
  • The recommended fill capacity should ideally never exceed the threshold mentioned in the manufacturers’ manual.
  • The cables are being laid in the open trays in all the areas if the above applies in the risers or pathways etc.
  • The data cables and bundles should be held properly in place using the Velcro ties in order to avoid the cable crushing.
  • This is necessary to check the edges of the openings and walls for the snagging hazards prior to installation.
  • The data cables’ bend radius should necessarily comply with the mentioned cabling standards.

Pulling Forces

  • You should refer to the recommended tensile strength and pulling force details of the data cables before the data cable installation.

Cable Pulling

  • You should always keep in mind to pull the cables directly from the box or drum. In the case of reels, you should necessarily use suitable equipment that would very well ensure the free rotation of the concerned reel.
  • You should never pull the cable over the edge of the reel in order to avoid the risk of twisting.
  • You should always rewind the unused parts of the data cable & then fix the end firmly.
  • You should necessarily cover the open wires with the help of an insulating tape in between the moves if there is a possibility.


Following the above checklist would surely make your data cable installation issueless and you would certainly receive the best output.

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