How Best Five Star Exclusive Brothel offers Classy & Seductive Service?

How Best Five Star Exclusive Brothel offers Classy & Seductive Service?

Nov 12, 2018, 3:00:23 PM Business

5 Star brothels offer an exclusive experience to the clients. For people who are used to small window brothels managed by independent prostitutes, these are nothing short of heaven with immaculate rooms and first class amenities that can immediately relax clients. The top brothels with 5-star rooms and facilities have the most gorgeous and sensual prostitutes to choose from. You can get the best sensual satisfaction and the ultimate adult experience.

Find out about Some of the Top Features of the Best Five Star Exclusive Brothel Houses

Luxuriously decorated rooms

The rooms in the best five star exclusive brothel homes have the most elegant touch and an air of tranquillity can even heighten your senses and prepare you for the most enjoyable and lustful adult experience. The ambience is immaculate and you can sense the air of sophistication all around. You can get some of the best modern amenities, such as:

  • In-house bar, with the finest wines in stock
  • A wide range of sex toys
  • Nude sauna
  • Pools / Jacuzzi
  • Pool tables
  • Modern leather chairs
  • Roman bath area
  • Hanging glass chandeliers

With velvet sofas, Persian rugs, sleek furnishing, gleaming floors, and subdued lighting, a best five star exclusive brothel resembles an upmarket hotel in every possible way and even beyond. Many of these with a contemporary appearance have clean lines and minimalistic design, and you can be forgiven for mistaking the ambience for a plush hotel.

Gorgeous, friendly sex workers

At the best five star exclusive brothel, the sex workers are gorgeous and friendly and are warm to their clients. They come from a wide section of the society, and can include students, working girls, porn stars, and even high-class escorts who are ready to indulge you in every possible way. They can give you a warm welcome, as soon as you step in, and make you feel comfortable. You can check the website of these brothels to find your perfect woman with the nationality, figure, hair, eyes and stature of your choice.

Wide range of sexual experiences

The ladies at the best five star exclusive brothel houses are experts at the art of seduction. They can provide you with just the right type of sensual experience that you want, including:

  • Intimate Package: This includes full sexual intercourse in various positions, oral sex / sensual erotic massage, etc.
  • Deluxe “Girlfriend” Experience: You can get an erotic massage, mutual oral sex, cuddling, and sex in various positions.
  • Fetishes: You can satisfy various sexual fetishes, like cross-dressing, discipline, light BDSM, etc.
  • Fantasies: You can role-play any sexual fantasy with a voluptuous sexual partner in a room with a specially designed theme.
  • Personal Interlude: You may even choose to have a personal interlude with your lover, spouse, etc. in an exciting fantasy suite.
  • Ultimate Intercourse Experience: Other than sensual massages, you can get mutual oral sex, cuddling, kissing, and sex in different positions along with snacks and beverages in a VIP suite.


There are add-ons such as jet spa and massage parlour that can relax and prepare you for the sensual experience you seek. Weeks of hard work, stress, and tension can go away in a few minutes, as you get the best masseurs to work on your muscles and nerves and relax you enough to get in the mood for some sexy fun. On request, you can get hot Thai masseurs who can give you the ultimate massage experience followed by acts of intimacy in various positions. The add-ons usually cost extra in best five star exclusive brothel although in some cases they are a part of the overall service.

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