How to Get Rid of Tree Stump from Important Places?

How to Get Rid of Tree Stump from Important Places?

Aug 26, 2017, 1:31:59 PM Business

Tree stumps often create a ruckus in critical locations, but you can solve this issue by just removing them. Removing stump might not seem like an easy task, but in reality, it is quite easy as there are various types of methods to remove them. Sometimes, damaged trees can affect on your property and you need to remove these trees from your premises. Apart from that, for the construction of a new house and roadway, you have to remove the surrounded tree stumps and in this regards, you can use some chemicals. It is better to hire some professionals who are experienced in this field, and they will remove these tree stumps with their advanced equipment.

How would you remove the tree stumps?

Previously people used to rely on old methods like burning or pulling them out with the help of animals. Nowadays various type of methods is available that will allow you to remove any stump with ease. However, tree stump removal process totally depends upon the kind of stump, and there are various methods for each kind.

There is sometimes a massive tree stump, which becomes impossible to remove and at that time you need go for expert help who are proficient in this kind of job. If you want to remove the massive stump, then you would need a powerful grinder that has the potential to eliminate.

Removing Tree Stumps from Your Land

1. Chemical Removal: -The market is filled with the various types of chemicals that easily allows being rotting a tree stump. Chemical products use potassium nitrate for decomposing the stump, or you can use nitrogen rich fertilizers which will decay the stump.

At first, holes are drilled in the stump, and then chemicals are added in the stump along with water. The stump is then left for rotting and chemicals take some days to show its effect entirely. Then with the help of shovel or axe, you can quickly remove the stump. With chemical, you can remove any type of stump. But it is suggested not to use these chemicals by yourself because the reactions of these chemicals are very harmful and they will affect your health. So, you can hire some professionals and they will use these chemicals with proper proportions and remove the tree stumps easily.

2. Tree Stump Grinder: - Tree stump grinder serves as a crucial instrument for removing a tree stump from your field, but you have to be cautious. This device contains circular cutting blade that diminishes the stump to the small piece, which makes the final job quite easy. At first, remove all the debris from the side of the stump and then use a chainsaw to cut the stump.

3. Removing Manually: - Manual tree stump removal process is applicable for only small stumps as it is not possible to uproot everything from the ground. To remove the stump manually, you need to first dig a trench around the stump so that you can cut down the maximum amount of root.

Then use shovel or pickaxe to dig out some soil around the stump, which will ease out your job. You can use a circular saw, large blades, or other types of blades to cut down the stump at the end.

4. Fire Removal: - Removing tree stumps with fire is a traditional method that always comes handy, and you can remove small stumps with little effort. At first, you need to dig a big hole in the stump, and it can be done using large drills.

Then they fill the hole with any fuel and then allow the fuel to soak for some days. Then drop a matchstick and allow the stump to smolder for some time.  

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