Python Programming Course Can Help Land A Job

Python Programming Course Can Help Land A Job

Jan 21, 2019, 7:25:58 PM Tech and Science

Python was designed for readability and its syntax is similar to English with flexibility in mathematics. It needs less number of lines in programming to complete a command. Rather than use parentheses, curly-brackets, semicolons etc it uses indentation and whitespace to define the scope of classes, loops, and functions.

Python can be used

  • Server-side for web applications
  • Alongside software in workflow creation
  • In database systems to modify and read files
  • To handle and perform complex mathematics on big data
  • Rapid prototyping and software development which is production-ready

Zeolearn conducts classroom training on weekends, integrates it with online virtual training at your pace for learning and even conducts corporate training.  You could land a highly-paid job with Python skills. Python is very popular for server-side programs in data sciences, Big Data analysis and is compatible with most Agile servers.

About the Python training:

The course helps you inculcate learning through 24 hours of instructor-delivered high-quality online training from industry experts. The world-class courseware accentuating a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge use interactive online classes, lab sessions and supervised assignments, workshops and live test cases to give you hands-on practice. You earn the course completion certification which is a validation of your learning and newly enhanced skill-set.

The Python Course can be opted for in the weekday or weekend batch. The course is unique for its post-course long-term support, good refund policy and the fact that demo codes, soft-copy of the slide deck, live exercises, interactive test cases and lifetime access to online libraries are included in the fee.

Course Contents:

Python training will help you explore Python essentials such as variables, functions, classes, files, inheritance, constructs, and literals under the guidance of certified trainers. This training hand-holds you through Python concepts and familiarises you to the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and using the extensive functionality of Python modules. You become fluent in the creation of Python scripts, using Eclipse for programming, using all features and aspects of the language, Object Oriented Program applications, packaging and delivering of Python packages.

Project Work:

Python training participants are required to work on a project with the concepts learnt, to get hands-on familiarity. You are required to build a Python program using concepts learnt which is reviewed by industry experts and certified instructors. You will be awarded certification on successful course completion. 

Professionals and students interested in pursuing a career in Software programming, Web development, Application development, and related fields are encouraged to apply. Essentially, you need a windows computer, headset with a microphone with a fast internet connection to attend your virtual classes.

It must be said that those team players with implementation and explorative expertise in Python are sure to be in demand. The remuneration is high and based on skills brought to the table. It makes perfect sense then to upskill your resume with this course. This trend grows with more data being produced. There is no end to the demand.

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