Stay fit by making small changes in daily life

Stay fit by making small changes in daily life

Jun 25, 2018, 3:21:53 PM Business

Now a days our diet mainly comprises of frozen or junk food that affects our health in a very bad way. The rate of chronic diseases is increasing immensely. Another factor which is affecting the health badly is busy routine which doesn’t allow people to exercise. An inactive lifestyle -- or one with no exercise foster bad health. Other factors that could have a bad impact on a person’s health are saturated fats, starch, lipids, alcohol and drugs. Overeating may cause obesity which is stated as the mother of all other diseases like cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiac disorders etc.

How to stay fit and healthy?

An individual can stay fit only by doing some small changes in his daily life.

Make a planner that you have to follow

In this planner mention all the changes that you have to make in your life. Mention all the diets that you are going to take all day. Make sure to drink water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. The planner will help you to have a track on every single meal you ate, in how much amount for the whole day or week. It depends upon the nature of the planner you make either it is monthly or daily.

A healthy diet to stay fit and healthy

You have to follow the planner regularly because if you don’t do so nothing would change. The change in your health is only visible after following the planner regularly for three to four months. The speed with which we eat also matters a lot, some of the researches show when an individual consume food slowly his hunger ends and he consumes a less amount of food as compared to a person who eats food radially.

Get enough sleep

Sleep also affects an individual’s health because if a person may not get enough sleep of 8 hours it may result in increased appetite and irregular eating eventually increases the rate of calories consumption and when you do not exercise the calories won’t burn up resulting in increase of weight of the individual.

Healthy breakfast

Never ever skip breakfast in order to save your appetite for lunch or dinner. Eat healthy breakfast in order to stay active for the whole day because when you avoid breakfast it lessens your glucose and sugar levels.

Eat green vegetables and fruits

Green vegetables comprises of a large amount of iron and other nutrients which keeps the individuals healthy and way more active. A proper intake of such nutrients may also decrease the rate of some fatal diseases and malnutrition.

Be more physically active

Try to do all of your tasks by yourself instead of using a gadget most of the times when someone has to travel even a single block all that they do is take a cab or drive which is extremely wrong it’s better to walk because it increases the metabolism of the individual and improves the digestion as well.

Have regular medical checkups

As we know the rate of chronic and other diseases are increasing day by day and most of the times we neglect the early symptoms which may end up in severity of the relevant disease so it’s better to have a routine medical checkup like 2 times a month. When you do go for regular checkups you have a complete record on your health condition and how you could improve it and you can also detect a disease at early stage which could be treated in its initial stages.

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