Teaching Kids to be Empathetic from a Young Age

Teaching Kids to be Empathetic from a Young Age

Feb 13, 2018, 5:56:10 PM Life and Styles

Do you have a kid? Is your kid a toddler or has started going to play school? No matter what the age of your child, creating certain personality traits needs to be started at a young age only. Have you seen the movies like “Mean Girls” or something similar? Then, you might know how the kids are getting mean every day. We are not saying there is something wrong in their upbringing, but there is something definitely missing and that is empathy. Child care is not only about tending to the needs of the kids, but also grooming their personalities and caring for others in distress.

Empathy is about understanding the perspective of others and thinking about their situation more carefully. It is about placing oneself in the shoes of the other person and understanding their situation. Learning the ability to be empathetic is a personality trait which must be developed in everyone. There is no phase of being mean; it is just an excuse to avoid the good behaviour. As a caregiver or a parent, it’s your duty to develop certain traits in them.

Here are some tips to develop empathy among the kids from the beginning:


  1. Kids learn what they see: Show empathy with your kid as well as show empathy to others in front of them. This will help your kid to understand its importance from a very young age. Kids are fast learners. They grasp things, they see around them. Also, they get upset or excited during certain situations. In such cases, show them that you understand and react by coming to their level. This will teach them a lot of things.
  2. Emotional management: One can show empathy or understand the emotions of other people only when they have their own emotions in check. So, help them to manage their emotions properly. Also, it helps to make them responsible at a young age itself, so you can direct your efforts towards achieving these results.
  3. Communicate: Kids are innocent and experience a range of emotions since their birth. Empathy is something which is inherent in them. Parent’s duty is only to nurture the trait. Childcare revolves around nurturing the aspects that kids already have. For nurturing, caregivers or the parents need to communicate with the kids regarding situations which will help them to understand their feelings.
  4. Find common grounds: Try to teach your kid to find common grounds with others. Everybody has one or few things common among them. So, try to teach them to find common ground with other people so they can gel easily with others and understand them. It is also said that empathy is stronger when you have something common with the other person.
  5. All living things are same: It is also important to imbibe in kinds that all living beings are equal. Encourage them to treat others in the manner that they like to be treated. Just being nice to your friends and family is not enough; instead, one needs to be careful and nice to everyone around. Teach them the ability to show kindness, love, care, etc.
  6. Emotional cues: Everybody’s reaction to different situations. So, teach your kid to understand the varied emotions as well as read emotional cues of other people. It will help them to be humble as they can understand why one person is reacting in a certain way in any given situation. They will also be able to read others from an early age. Games like “guess my face” can be tried; they may prove to be helpful. 

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