The Process of Plasma Cutting and Their Types

The Process of Plasma Cutting and Their Types

Oct 13, 2017, 1:54:40 PM Business

The process of plasma cutting involves cutting through electrically conductive materials with the help of an accelerated jet of hot plasma, which is located inside the torch. Here is a guide to the different types and their uses.

Different Types of Plasma Cutting Accessories and Their Uses include the Following:

  1. Nozzle: The nozzle is the tip of the plasma torch through which the hot plasma flame flows in the direction of the metal. It is often noted that after a certain period of time, this type of plasma cutting accessory wears itself out due to constant contact with the material and due to the heat transferred through it. Due to this, persisting problem of replacing the nozzle again and again in some plasma cutters now pose a pilot arc, which helps in avoiding direct contact between the torch and the material, which is to be cut. This method of installing a pilot arc has proved to give us great results thereby increasing the life of the plasma cutting accessory.
  2. Head Protectors: Another important plasma cutting accessory is head protectors. As the name suggest they specialize in protecting against the immense heat released during the process of plasma cutting. They are nothing but a shield or covering put over the head of the plasma torch. This plasma cutting accessory is beneficial for both the equipment as well as for user. The head protectors ensure that we are absolutely in no contact and are unaffected by the heat released during this extensive process. The head protectors also make sure that the molten plasma does not touch torch thereby increasing the life of the torch by a great margin. This plasma cutting accessory helps us in avoiding a lot of costs in future. Therefore, the use of this accessory should be encouraged.
  3. Plasma Torch: This plasma cutting accessory generally comes along with the equipment but as we know after a certain period of time it starts wearing out due to constant exposure to heat thereby resulting in buying a new torch. The plasma torches can be found in many hardware stores and are readily available in the market. It is advised that this plasma cutting accessory is brought form a trusted source only. Another most important piece of advice is to purchase the sheath or the covering of the torch to increase the life of the plasma cutting accessory.
  4. Plasma Flow Measuring Kit: During the process of plasma cutting we are dealing with high temperatures. Hence, it is advised by the experts to keep in a plasma flow measuring kit through their cutters to maintain the optimum plasma flow. This plasma cutting accessory is essentially important; as if the flow of plasma is too thick or too thin the consumables are at the risk of getting burned. This could also lead to damaging the plasma torch. There is no generalized optimum level of plasma flow, which has to be maintained. Therefore, in order to know the plasma flow read the manual or contact manufacturer for the details. The plasma flow measuring kit can then help to bring the flow of plasma to the required level.
  5. Remote Hand Switch: Often, it is seen that people are scared of using plasma cutters due to immense heat it releases and the risk that comes along with it. For such people developers have created a switch, which can operate your plasma cutter from a distance. This plasma cutting accessory cannot be paired with all equipment but most of the equipment is compatible with it. This product has been known to give great results for using the cutters from a distance.

These are just a few different types of plasma cutting accessories explained briefly. There is wide range of plasma cutting accessories. 


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