Trend Accessory For Men in Summer: Bracelet


Trend Accessory For Men in Summer: Bracelet

Feb 11, 2019, 4:13:07 PM Life and Styles

Today, the jewel for men has become almost unmissable and the bracelet is first class. Simple accessory for some, real detail that makes all the difference for others, the bracelet is part whether you like it or not the style of the trendy man. However be careful because it is not given to everyone to have class with a bracelet. In order to avoid the fake fashion-bracelet here are the questions we asked ourselves. It has often been considered that the watch is the only jewel for men. The style changes, the certainties too. But beware, the border is held: Our text gives you the keys to the "good" bracelet.

This is the new it-accessory among stylists, the bracelet is truly everywhere; some will opt for the unique wearing of the bracelet while others will accumulate, it is called stacking. But we do not choose a bracelet at random: this jewel both discreet and refined can complement an already existing style. To choose it, you have to look at the style of the man who wants it, and see what he already wears: a jewel like a men's bracelet is chosen according to the personality, the lifestyle and the tastes of the wearer .

Discreet or voluminous, fine or very large, mono or bi-material, with or without registration ... in short the possibilities are multiple…

Tell me what bracelet you wear and I'll tell you which trendy man you are.

The bracelet of strength: bracelet oh-how special: it is very wide, sometimes thick and tightens the wrist. This is the ideal male bracelet for strong men, gladiators of modern times, guys who do a little mechanics and a lot of muscu. So here we are more on a masculine look like medieval sportswear. This is also the kind of bracelet that wears Johny Depp, after all goes to Johny Depp so it is not necessarily the reference. But that gives you an idea of style.

The leather and bronze bracelet: We are in the presence of a relatively mysterious man, the dark but dark look. An air a little wild, adventurer, who loves to conquer the globe and ancient civilizations ... It is a traveler who has his feet on the ground and wearing only discrete jewelry but visible enough to bring out his personality.

The bracelet in thin strips of leather entangled: It is essentially for men who know how to be elegant as well in chic outfit that relaxed. It is the finesse of the accessory that proves that of the man who wears this bracelet. Finesse and taste of detail, especially if the colors of the bracelet come to remind those of the belt, laces or socks.

What not to do about a men's bracelet

Avoid electronic bracelets because it means that you get out of prison and you are on probation: it lacks style too! J

I run the risk of annoying more than one, but please STOP the curb bracelet on which is engraved your name ... It's heavy, it's not pretty and you know your name so put this object in a warm drawer.      Thank you also for quickly cutting your bracelets for concerts or music festivals. You think you look so cool, but the opposite is happening. Too much cool kills the cool! Same punishment for the clubs of Marmara, Lookea and others. Having been in All Inclusive in Djerba does not make you a cool and armored dude of tunes ...

The bracelet made by your little one: it's a delicate subject for sure! Ok to keep it for a few days, it can even make you more sexy and desirable. We always covet what we can not have ...

We shared the most impressive bracelet shapes and styles you could choose for the summer season. Your team is your right to choose, regardless of your lifestyle, color taste and all other tastes. You can customize your life and yourself by choosing the most exclusive and flashy bracelets. When making your choice, consider the price and comfort. Also, test your satisfaction with the people who have used it before! Your choice is yours. Feel happy while using it!

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