Trendy Makeup Recommendations

Trendy Makeup Recommendations

Feb 1, 2019, 3:57:13 PM Business

What are the makeup tips to do ten years less?

Women often get the perfect look with the right makeup choices. It is possible to look more sexy and better by making the best make-up choices to complement the shortcomings and close the flaws! As we age, our dark circles deepen, our features sag and our complexion is sprinkled with spots and redness. To look cooler and younger, here are the steps to follow:

1) Dark circles, pimples and excess pigmentation of the upper eyelids are masked with a concealer;

2) It unifies the complexion with a foundation of color identical to the complexion of our face;

3) We fix the foundation and the concealer with a cloud of translucent powder (optional);

4) We color the cheekbones with a blush of a living color, which will give us good looks in less than two. To find the right color, we pluck our cheek and we opt for a shade similar to the redness;

5) The eyelashes are curled with an eyelash curler, then black mascara is applied to the root of the eyelashes to accentuate the whiteness of the eye and thus enlarge and light the look;

6) The lips of a lipstick or a lip gloss of a living color are emphasized for a trendy "lip bite" effect…

To avoid:

Glitter and pearlescent

Light-up foundations and pearlescent powders are reserved for the neckline, shoulders and legs, as their shine captures light and highlights wrinkles.

The powdery effect

We do not put too much powder, because it penetrates wrinkles and fine lines and accentuates the depth.

Intense colors and coarse features

We opt instead for natural hues and soft lines, all smooth.

Here's how to go about "plumping" the lips without going under the knife.

1. Draw the outline of the mouth with a lip pencil of the same color as the lipstick or, for a simpler correction, the same color as the lips.

2. Correct the lips by redrawing the outline slightly above the natural line, where the lip lacks volume. If the lips require corrections to hide defects, apply a thin layer of foundation beforehand. Tip: to make a beautiful stroke without burr or lump, slide the pencil at an angle.

3. Fill the center of the lip with the pencil. For more volume, slightly melt the line towards the inside of the lips, then use a pencil paler, but a color of the same family (cold, hot or neutral). Attention: this technique requires a great fingering, because the different shades can give an artificial look to makeup.

4. Apply a lipstick on the entire mouth.

5. Place in the center of the lip a clear lip gloss or a touch of lighter lipstick, but the same color as the one applied, to create a trompe-l'oeil light effect. A pearly white eyeshadow may also be used, but lumps sometimes form during the day.

In recent years, the stores contain so-called "plumping" products, which are in fact moisturizing treatments or lip glosses that swell the lips thanks to the specific ingredients they contain. There are two categories of lip plumpers:

Gloss based on essential oils of chilli, ginger and cinnamon. Once applied, they trigger a mini-cutaneous reaction on the lips by stimulating the blood circulation. These glosses are drying and the swelling does not last very long. It must therefore be given frequently so that the effect continues. Caution: avoid overflowing during the application because the contour of the mouth could become red and swollen!

Treatments consisting of microspheres of collagen or derivatives. When they penetrate the skin, they stimulate the production of natural collagen of the skin. Note: the "plumping" effect is mainly due to the good hydration of the lips and, consequently, the fine lines seem less apparent.

Rebalancing the symmetry of an eye, a lip or an eyebrow requires a lot of fingering, because nothing is more obvious than a clumsy correction. Before beginning, it is important to observe the asymmetry accurately in front of a mirror.

To edit uneven lips

We are provided with a colored pencil identical to the lips, we correct the layout starting from the center of the upper lip, then we color the entire mouth to make the correction more discreet.

Our lips are falling?

Then, one fades the mouth with a foundation and a translucent powder, then one draws the commissures of the lips in an upward movement. Important: To avoid visible features, use the pencil at an angle.

To alleviate a bulging eye

First draw a line of kohl pencil on the inner edge of the lower eyelid of the eye which is the least salient. For the inner edge of the globular eye, use a slightly darker pencil, but of the same shade as that used in the first step. For more effect, we also draw the inner edge of the upper eyelid.

In the case of an eyelid or a falling eye

The correction requires a lot of dexterity: it is therefore better to make the correction at the level of the eyebrow. We rebalance the face by adding a little neutral makeup below the eyebrow line.

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