Types of Incontinence Products That Can Save People from Public Embarrassment

Types of Incontinence Products That Can Save People from Public Embarrassment

Sep 20, 2017, 1:48:40 PM News

Incontinence products are protective undergarments for both men and women. These products are worn along with the regular underwear and usually have absorbent features. These products are primarily used to absorb urine accidents and leakages. Some of the different types of products in the market are:

Guards, Pads and Wearable Liners

Using incontinence pads and products is recommended by most of the health experts because they can absorb urine that is generated while working in the gym, while coughing and sneezing. The general characteristics of these products include:

  • The unique selling proposition of these products is that they are waterproof.
  • Part of the products contains a gel-forming polymer, which absorbs any kind of fluids.
  • Using incontinence pads and products are recommended by health experts because they contain adhesive strips that can securely hold the incontinence products inside the undergarment.
  • Using incontinence pads and products is very convenient because they easily fit between the legs of the individual using the products.
  • The pads and the sides of the products are made up of elastic and provide a unique form of cupping.
  • Using incontinence pads and products is preferred by most customers because they are available in different shapes and sizes and different levels of absorbency.

Guards and Shields for Home

Using incontinence pads and products for men has been made very convenient. Along with being water proof, they fit in property along with the underwear.

Swim Diapers for Adults

Using swim diapers is similar to using incontinence pads and products. This type of pads is used inside the trunks during the menstruation. Some of the types of swim diapers are made of a type of clothing, which allows the users to use the swim diapers over and over again. For men, these diapers are available in the form of pants, which fit in the form of hook up, loop closures, or pull ones.

Diapers That Are Disposable

Using incontinence pads and products, like disposable diapers, is good for people who cannot control problems related to their bladders. The pads contain an outer layer and a cloth which is made up of a plastic-type of material that is waterproof. The inner absorbent layers are made up of fluff that is made up of cellulose. Loop closures, tape, leg elastics, or the hook is added to the end product. The other unique features of the disposable diapers are:

  • A brief of high quality is made of robust plastic and is usually noiseless. It also contains tapes and covers that hold the pads in their place. This design helps in easy usage in the toilets.
  • Briefs that are available for bargain prices absorb very less urine when compared to the expensive competitors. Hence, they should be changed very frequently.
  • The capacity of the continence product is often high enough for high-priced incontinence products. Hence, the users do not have to use a lot of the high-priced ones during menstruation.
  • Briefs that are disposable work well for both men and women. The biggest advantage of this type of pants is that the user need not remove the pants while changing the pads in public washrooms.

There are certain incontinence products that are considered to be in the middle of protective underwear and an undergarment that is beltless. They are usually manufactured out of knit stretch pants and two messes that are stretched on top of a big pad that is of similar size and shape and pad that is located inside the diaper. The only difference seen in this incontinence products is that they do not contain tapes/hooks, loop tabs, or side wings.




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