Using Window Displays with Digital Signage for Impressive Effect

Using Window Displays with Digital Signage for Impressive Effect

Sep 22, 2016, 2:10:55 PM Business

Static signages are out and dynamic, interactive displays are in. Advertising and promotion through window displays becomes even better and achieves more when you switch to dynamic window displays. Simple statistics speak: 7 in 10 people walk into a store and make unplanned purchases simply based on the window dressing and if it is digital as well as interactive, the effect is more engaging and persuasive.

Transforming Retails Windows

  • Consider a traditional storefront window. It entails quite a bit of effort and expense to dress up windows with fresh layout and props. Since they are static, most people may not give more than a passing glance. Transform this window into a digital window and they pause. They stop and explore and the content engages. They may even walk in and buy something. That is the power of window displays with digital signage.
  • Interactive makes it even better. Digital signage is a fusion of audio video technologies with IT. With a computer in the back end, connected physically or over LAN or Wi-Fi, it is possible to include programming in delivery of interactive audio-visual content and entice as well as engage potential buyers. Even those who had no idea of buying can be converted into buyers on the spot; such is its power. With suitable content management software, store owners can compose and control content and create play lists as well as schedule specific content and their duration. It can be overlaid with other information such as weather and news.
  • A retail shop owner can simply install a medium sized or large sized window display with digital signage. He can make it even better by incorporating touch screen displays for consumers to interact and find specifically the information needed as well replace the window with a transparent video wall which is even better. The bigger the size of the display, the more impact it has on the minds of passersby.
  • Using video through the window digital signage has a lot of impact. About 47% of those interviewed after they saw and experienced window digital signages said they remembered the promotional video.  It leads to greater conversions on the spot. It also benefits retailers in other ways: curious people turn into serious inquirers and further can place an order and make payment at the digital window kiosk. They can also leave feedbacks which, help to impress and convince other would be shoppers.
  • Digital technologies also allow incorporating social media into storefront digital displays. Inducing users to share with some form of benefit greatly help shopkeepers in their promotions. Feedback and analysis also help retailers fine tune campaigns and improve content for still greater impact.

Getting it Right

  • Given these benefits, malls to real estate agents are making the switch to window displays with digital signage.
  • It is best to discuss requirements with a professional company that can put the hardware and controlling software in place.
  • The hardware does not do much. It is a platform for content. You would find it to your advantage to get a professional content developer to create content using video, 3D animation, text and graphics for passive one way display that is also effective.
  • You could go one step further and transform the promotional video into an interactive one with the help of a suitable IT specialist. The possibility of incorporating analytics and social media make this option quite attractive considering short term and long term benefits.
  • Monetize your investment by displaying ads of various consumer product companies and charge a reasonable fee. You could also offset some of the investment this way.

Window display digital signage is today and tomorrow until 3D holograms but that is for another day in the future.


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