Why Is An Eye Test Important?

Why Is An Eye Test Important?

Jan 23, 2019, 3:52:44 PM Business

The significance of annual eye test is not to just ensure about the blurry vision but contributes to the safeguarding of the eyes in the long run.  The more advanced tests are designed to save us from permanent sight loss and even the health problems of more serious nature that may be connected with vision problems. Here are a few reasons why eye test is important — and the reason why you should have annual eye examination to protect your health and wellness

1. Eye Exams Help The Children Succeed In School.

Parents are expected to get an annual examination of their kids eyes done, probably they should be revised because of the ever-increasing amount of screen time of the kids these days.

An annual eye test is the best way to ensure that your child is able to see clearly and comfortably to succeed in the classroom. It’s also the best way to know for sure if kids are able to see properly while studying, playing or during their involvement in other activities. An eye doctor administers an eye exam to a patient. After a detailed exam, your eye doctor will find out the problem and will offer the treatment options best suited for your requirement.

2. Myopia Is Becoming A Contagious Disease.

The number of children who are the victim of myopia (nearsightedness) is growing faster than ever. And more kids are affected with nearsightedness at an early age.

Why Is This A Matter Of Concern?

Children who become get myopia very early in life are prone to experience a worsening and progression of nearsightedness that continues throughout their childhood — and this puts them at critical risk of very serious and influential sight-threatening eye conditions later in life, that may comprise of cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment.

3. Vision Screenings Are Not The Alternate Tests For An Eye Exam.

Most frequently parents are lead to believe that their kid is able to see perfectly well because he/she has qualified the school vision screening. Or adults feel that they can perfectly judge the objects because they pass a vision screening at the motor vehicle department. Unfortunately, neither of both these concepts is correct.

Vision screenings are done to test the individuals who have serious (and usually quite obvious) vision problems. Screenings can detect apparent problems a person should have with specific visual tasks, such as seeing a chalkboard distinctly in the classroom or noticing road signs and other objects from before the wheel.

4. Glaucoma - Of all serious eye diseases, glaucoma is probably the worst. That's because there are no noticeable symptoms in maximum cases of early glaucoma — nothing to caution you that something's going wrong.

5. Annual Eye Test Can Aggravate Other Serious Health Issues

Did you know that most people first learn they have serious health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer from a routine eye examination. Our eyes are assets so during a detailed eye exam, your eye doctor can see and examine the health and present status of the blood vessels in your retina, which can forecast well about the health of blood vessels throughout your body. Issues like diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia are all observed by an alteration in the appearance of the retinal blood supply and blood vessels.

Annual eye exams are significantly essential for anyone with diabetes or who might be endangered for acquiring the disease (due to conditions like obesity, family history, or other reasons). In its initial stages, diabetic eye disease has no visible symptoms; only a detailed eye test can ensure the signs of the disease so treatment can begin early enough to protect an individual from vision loss.

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