Why Is Engineered Wood Flooring Considered One of The Best Flooring Options?

Why Is Engineered Wood Flooring Considered One of The Best Flooring Options?

Feb 26, 2018, 3:16:33 PM Business

If you are looking to renovate your old floors or simply lay down some new floors at your home, you will have a lot of different options to choose from. However, engineered wood flooring is one of the best options for your flooring for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for this flooring over other options.


The benefits you can enjoy by choosing this kind of flooring:


It has a more stable core as compared to solid wood flooring

Where other types of wood flooring consist of just one layer of wood, engineered wood floors consist of several layers; at least 5 to 7 layers of pure wood. This wood is crisscrossed in different directions, making it extremely stable, hard and durable, especially compared to other flooring options.

They do not change their form

Typically, wood has the characteristics of expanding and contracting according to the amount of moisture and humidity present in the air or surroundings. This means that if you live in a typically humid climate, your wood floors might be subjected to expanding and contracting. This can often damage your wood flooring. However, engineered wood does not have the quality to expand and contract; thus your floors will not be damaged. This means that you can choose this flooring option for your basements or for areas which have high humidity.

You have far more flexibility

While you will find a lot of flexibility when it comes to styles, colors, and textures with laminate, it is often impossible to get the same amount of flexibility with wood floors. However, engineered wood flooring has the ability to be extremely flexible. You can choose from different shades of wood, different patterns, textures, and even choose a variety of extra wide or large wooden planks. This gives you the ability to be creative and unique when it comes to the flooring option of your home. 

Easy installation options

While solid hardwood floors can only be installed using one method- which is by using nails, engineered wood can be installed in your homes using a variety of options. You can choose an installation method which suits your needs and budget best when you want to install engineered wood for your floors.

The different installation methods include; glueing, floating, stapling, as well as a patented Lock and Fold technology. The click locking technology of installing engineered wood floors do not require any type of glue or cement. They have a special system which simply locks together seamlessly, creating flawless flooring with great aesthetics.

They can be refinished several times over

If durability and the finish of your wood flooring is a concern for your home, then engineered wood takes away all of your troubles. Engineered wood can be refinished a number of times without losing its durability and strength. It is also quite immune to environmental changes such as weather and climatic changes, humidity, etc.

Engineered wood is the greener option

For those homeowners who are far more environmentally conscious and sensitive engineered wood flooring is the best option. Engineered wood is cheaper and can be bought at a larger rate with the same price. Thus, this option of flooring is the best option for those who wish to conserve the forests and protect the environment.

Good quality engineered wood has a lifespan of even 100 years! This flooring option is beneficial in many ways and is not only an eco-friendly option but also an affordable option for homeowners. Whether you wish to renovate your old floors or install new flooring, engineered wood is one of the best options for you! 

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