Why would you Use Fold Down Ladder Systems?

Why would you Use Fold Down Ladder Systems?

Oct 16, 2018, 6:59:10 PM Business

The fold-down ladder system is incredibly important and helpful to the individuals in the day-to-day life. Selection of a right ladder system as per the use is very important because it prevents you from accidental injuries and deaths. There are different types of ladder system which generally acts to the safety factor first.

Advantages of Using a Fold Down Ladder System

  • The fold down ladder systems can operate safely and smoothly, and most of them are operated via pneumatic struts. These ladder systems can provide you height safety and you can use them in your construction projects.
  • It gains access to mezzanines, commercial attic spaces and other hard reached areas with ease, even you can also use the same to reach your roof. You can easily use such fold down ladder systems to reach the height and the anti-locking system of these ladders will protect you from any accident.
  • It is available for the commercial application, and you can also use the same for your domestic purposes. You can install them same in your roof to climb on the roof and maintain the roof.  
  • It can be stored easily when not in use and even you can also store them in a small place. You can store them in your garage too and when you need, you can just unfold the ladder and install the same as per your needs.

Tips to Work with a Folding Ladder

Whenever you are using the folding ladder as a 'straight' ladder, it is very important for you to check the angle of the folding ladder before climbing at the first step. An angle of 75 degrees is the ideal one. This can easily be tested by placing the tip of your shoes at the feet of the ladder and extending your arms forward.

  • One should never load the folding ladder with a weight of more than 150 kg including any 'baggage' that you might be carrying. Not more than one person should work on the folding ladder at a time. One should always ensure that you always have one hand free when you are climbing a folding ladder. If this is impossible, it is recommended to take extra safety measures.
  • While using a fold down ladder system, one should ensure that the hinge system of the ladder is properly locked. Always check that the hinge is positioned correctly. In case, if the hinge is not correctly locked, slide it back into position and try to ‘lock’ it again for ensuring the security before climbing.
  • Always use the folding ladder in platform position. Make sure that you are always using a platform which ensures safety and security. In some folding ladders, this comes as standard. You need to install and try few steps of the ladder before climbing upward and if you find any noise out from the ladder then check it before using.

Uses of Fold Down Ladder Systems

  • It prevents your foot from aching and shins not to scratch against the next steps. This ladder is recommended if you need to use both your hands for the project or if you need to rotate around and work, in all directions without causing any accidents. 
  • This fold-down ladder system are very useful to have especially in the kitchen. This ladder is simply a mini ladder that can be used when there is a need to reach something quite high. You can easily reach and access the upper cabinets with these ladders.
  • It provides rungs on either side of the ladder allowing you to climb up whichever side is more convenient and allows you and a friend to climb the ladder at the same time.

This ladder is used the most in the industry. It can be used anywhere as it does not have to be leaned against any type of support to be used. As a result, this fold down ladder systems can be used in the middle of the room or locations where support is not available. 



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