Capri, Italy {part two}

Capri, Italy {part two}

Aug 30, 2016, 1:23:15 AM Life and Styles

Buongiorno! I’m so excited to share the second half of my trip with you all… 

To start off the next day, we had a road trip scheduled. We first took the hydrofoil to Sorrento and met up with our driver. We spent the day exploring four cities on the Amalfi coast in a Mercedes-Benz van. We visited Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Between each city we made pit stops to see some of the beautiful views of the coast, like the picture above on the right.

These cities were breathtaking! In between, we stopped at a hotel with a lunch spot that looked over a cliff. We dined at Calajanara Restaurant at la Conca Azzurra. In addition to the pizza, the view was absolutely incredible (pictured below). The pizza was probably one of the best pies I’ve had in Italy! The bottle of Prosecco we ordered also complemented the pizza wonderfully.

The closest we got to the beach was in Positano. While the walk down to get there was easy, the hike back up… not so much. The views looking up at the city were breathtaking to say the least. Behind me, waves crashed against the wall by the dock.

Amalfi was hands down my favorite city on this tour! We first stopped at a little shop to order gelato and glass of Amalfi red wine. One word- YUM! The gelato I ordered was half lemon and half lemon custard… I wish I had the name of the place but it was in the main shopping square right across the street from the cathedral. Speaking of the cathedral, I’ve never seen such a beautiful church, I could’ve taken 100 more pictures of this place and all the beautiful views. Unfortunately, our time didn’t allow us to tour the inside but that’s definitely on the list of things to do next time I go!

For dinner we went back to one of the restaurants right outside the hotel since we had such a long day. I just had a simple and delicious caprese salad!





The next day was a pretty chill day… we hung out at the hotel and walked around to get some souvenirs to bring back home. After that we went to lunch at a restaurant down one of the alleys from our hotel. I ordered pizza again… don’t judge me. It was an all white pizza paired with a glass of red wine. Once again it was delish… not my favorite pizza, it could’ve used some garlic, but still good.

For dinner we ate at a spot not far from where we ate lunch, and it happened to be a restaurant our hotel recommended for us. It’s called Il Saraceno and this was by far my favorite restaurant. It was so good that we went back for seconds a few days later! The service was phenomenal, the people that worked there were genuine, and the restaurant offered a wonderful selection of food. I personally ordered spaghetti and tomato + basil sauce and while this may be basic, this was the best sauce I’d had so far. The tomatoes and basil were SO FRESH! This is definitely a place you have to add on the list of recommended restaurants!



Alright, alriiight! So the next day we took a cab to the other part of the island with all the shops! We walked around the streets for hours… seeing fashion to factories. Though we didn’t buy anything in particular, it was so interesting to see Italian fashion. Also, just to be able to walk around aimlessly with beautiful things to see at every turn was a treat. Eventually we found a perfume factory, it was so cool to see the windows in the back of the store previewing the perfume-making process. Also, the fragrance from the store was divine!

Walking past the perfume factory, I came across this view of what I assume to be theIMG_8352 Faraglioni. I noticed everyone stopping at this fence with their cameras snapping away, so I had to see what the commotion was all about. Well it was worth it, I’ve never seen something so awe inspiring.

Afterwards, we spent quite some time locating a restaurant recommended to us again. It’s called Ristorante Terrazzo Brunella. I wish I took a picture of the restaurant… it’s a simple restaurant with lots of white and a view that is out of this world. The wine and food was phenomenal… we split a bottle of red wine and I ordered a spaghetti pasta with lightly fried zucchini & pesto.

On the walk back to get a cab, I stopped at a local stand to order a lemonade slushy. It wasn’t what I was expecting it to be… it was soo bitter that thinking/writing about it now makes my mouth water. I only had about half before my tongue couldn’t handle the bitterness and I had to throw it away. For dinner we went back to Il Saraceno and I ordered a small, custom Margherita pizza. Once again, another dish that did not disappoint. I mean come on it was so good I started eating it before I could get a picture!

For the remainder of the trip we laid low, mostly due to the weather preventing us from doing certain activities. At one point I did get a massage which I hadn’t done in awhile, it felt great! We left the island a day early since we had a morning flight and no hydrofoils ran at that hour. Instead, we stayed at a Holiday Inn in Naples and made the most if it. On the way out (still in Capri), we waited for the boat and grabbed a bite to eat. I caved and ordered a burger with fries… Nothing wrong with some comfort food.🙂 At the Holiday Inn I ordered a lasagna dish which was average, nothing too fancy.

Our flight turned out to be the definition of hell, once again. The plane was leaking fuel, so we were not able to take off. While waiting for updates we ended up going to get our luggage back. We were guaranteed to miss our flight to get back to the United States, so we sat in the airport for hours trying to figure out flights to at least get us into New York City. We made stops in Germany and somewhere else in Europe that can’t come to mind. The food was good though… at the first airport I ordered a drink (cause Lord knows I needed one) and yummy pasta. In Germany, we managed to get into a lounge which ended up being a very luxurious place. They offered various sitting areas, fresh food, wines, beers, and more!

Overall Italy was amazing, my only complaint was the extensive traveling. I can’t wait for future trips back to Europe!

Other Advice for Travels to Capri, Italy:

• If possible, book your flight with Lufthansa over Air France… better planes, better service, better everything!

• Dine at The Lemon Tree! (We didn’t get to go and after I saw pictures I had serious regrets)

• Get on the boat and take a tour of The Blue Grotto, even if you’re sea sick you can’t go to Capri and not see this (I already made that mistake)

• Last but not least, pray for safe travels and no complications🙂

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