Nets' Kyrie Irving Saga: All You Need to Know

Kyrie Irving Saga

Nets' Kyrie Irving Saga: All You Need to Know

Oct 26, 2021, 11:53:58 AM Entertainment

The refusal of Nets' Guard, Kyrie Irving, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine has fans thinking about the team's fate in the NBA.

With the 2021-2022 NBA season starting in days, many teams are gearing up for their first match, but the Brooklyn Nets may have to go through the season without their All-Star Guard.

New York City COVID-19 laws require that citizens get vaccinated at least once to access public places. To conform to the local laws, Nets demanded players take the shot to play. This post will reveal all the information on Irving's dilemma and the outlook on this season's NBA for the Nets. Meanwhile, go to for more sports predictions and betting tips.

Nets' Decision

Based on the COVID-19 laws, Irving cannot play games in Brooklyn until he's vaccinated. The team permitted him to practice with the team in New York. But because of his situation, he will only play in half of the games, and the team manager says they don't want Irving part-time. He either gets the shot or does not play.

Irving's Response 

On a Wednesday Instagram live, Irving affirmed that he was unvaccinated. He says he was assured to be exempted from taking the vaccine and also allowed to play. But Irving didn't mention details of the exemptions. From his comments, he may not be taking the vaccine anytime soon.

Irving's Financial Fate For not Playing

The NBA pact with the League agrees that an unvaccinated player will lose 1/91.6 of their earnings in each game they miss. Irving stands to lose about $380k for each game he misses. But he'll earn salaries for away games he misses because of the team not allowing him to play.

The Vaccine law and NBA players

Since the NBA does not have any vaccine laws for players, many players and teams are not affected. However, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City have vaccine mandates for players. This affects Nets which fall under New York. A single dose is enough for a player to meet the NY vaccine requirements. However, unvaccinated players in teams from cities with no vaccine laws are permitted to play as long as they maintain all COVID-19 rules and undergo frequent testing wherever they are.

Irving's Fate: Trade or Retirement?

Ongoing speculations on Social media are the possibility of Nets trading Irving, but Mark says he's uncertain of the future, and if Irving chooses to stay with the team, he's welcome. Another speculation is an exchange between 76ers' Simmons for Nets' Irving, but that may not be possible now.

In his Instagram Live, Irving says he's not retiring because of the drama.

Irving's Replacement

Coach Nash's potential replacement is likely to be NBA star Patty Mills. Although Irving is the better man, Mills' combo with Durant and Harden gives the Nets a good edge. 

If Irving Takes the Vaccine

If Irving changes his mind and takes the vaccine, even if it's only the first shot, he will play with the team but will have to meet all covid 19 requirements and get examined often.


Kyrie Irving is a great player, but his vaccine decision will affect him and the Nets. We hope the two parties find common ground before the season takes off officially.

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