How To Get Rid Of Crepey Arms

How To Get Rid Of Crepey Arms

Nov 5, 2021, 1:51:44 PM Life and Styles

Older women have been in search of the Holy Grail of skincare for a long time. Tighter skin, especially around arms, is what so many older women are after. We have gone so far in conquering aging around the fact that it is often forgotten that crepey arms remain a huge problem. For most people, the arms are a dead giveaway that you have seen one too many moons. Crepey arms make it uncomfortable to wear short-sleeved tops and sweaters, even when it’s in the middle of the hottest of summers. We all have flaws and it’s important to embrace who you are and what you look like. That does not mean, however, that if you can improve some aspects of the way you look, you should not do so. With new technologies, techniques and treatments, we are living in an era in which the possibilities for self-improvement are endless.

Skin ages at different rates across the body. There are parts of your body that will seem to never age, and others that will make you look like Grandfather Time’s grandfather. One of the biggest reasons for this differing aging, or what is known as “laxity”, is exposure to the sun. Let me say this now: wear sunscreen. Parts of your body that are not heavily exposed to the sun will age much more slowly than, say, your arms, face, neck, back, legs, and eyelids. In the long run, everything ages as collagen break down, but it happens at different speeds across the body.

Over the last decade and a half, innovations have arisen that allow us to tighten skin without having to remove it. The bad news is, its effects are best seen in people who are fit and have only a moderate amount of laxity or crepeyness. So depending on your level of fitness and laxity, you will have to adjust your expectations.

BodyTite is a fantastic treatment for laxity. It costs about $3,500 per treatment for both your arms. Treatments can be done in series, depending on your plastic surgeon’s recommendations. Your plastic surgeon will use a small liposuction cannula that will heat you up below the skin’s surface with directional radiofrequency. The end result is that the skin will tighten up.

Morpheus is another alternative. It costs about the same price as BodyTite. It is a micro-needling process and can be given in a series, again depending on your plastic surgeon’s recommendations. The radiofrequency current is emitted from the microneedles and different rates of penetration, shrinking the skin between the microneedles. Again, the effect is skin tightening.

As a rule of thumb, BodyTite and Morpheus should improve skin tightness by 30 to 40%. There is little risk of pain and you are not going to experience any significant downtime as a result of the treatment. You may experience some numbing, although laughing gas is often used while BodyTite is applied. BodyTite can also be applied in the course of a larger cosmetic procedure at a medical spa franchise.

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