Books and Op-Shops: My Adventure

Books and Op-Shops: My Adventure


Op-shopping and books are my two favourite things, combine the two and that is even better. Today I would like to share a story with you about my op-shopping and book collecting adventures around Sydney and Queensland, Australia. 

Every time I enter an op-shop I always love to and need to purchase a book, or few as I find you can get some real good gems to read and find the most fascinating stories; or pick up one of your favourite books at a bargain price and through it help someone in need. 

But here is where the story begins. 

It all started when I was about twelve or thirteen years old and in grade seven at high school. My mum would take me a long to op-shops, swap meets, antique stores and the like all over the place. I had a hunger for the hunt for a good bargain and the unique quirkiness of the vintage aesthetic. To me books from these places were old and used but loved and read over and over again until falling into the hands of another who would repeat the cycle. Literature is the expression of the treasures and tales of our creative minds and passionate beings. 

There was one author at the time who I fell in love with, Paige Toon. One of my high school friends at the time gave me a copy of Johnny Be Good to read and boy was I hooked. Paige's writing was quirky, funny and sexy and the characters really stood out to me. Her young adult romance and life fiction novels became my core readings from that moment on. 

I found my first Paige Toon book, Pictures of Lily, in an op-shop in Sydney. Thrilled that I finally had a copy of her book to take home with me, I started reading it on the bus home.

And here is the highlight of my story

Ever since my Pictures of Lily op-shop purchase I can and have only found Toon's books in op-shops. 

Throughout the years I never saw Toon's books in the book shops in my area and I knew of online shopping but I was not old enough at the time to shop online and technologically speaking, things were simpler growing up in the 2000s as a 90s baby.

Chasing Daisy was my second Toon op-shop purchase, found in a cute little shop on the side of the road in Ipswich, Queensland. One Perfect Summer was given to me by a friend after they constantly forgot to collect it from my house. And yesterday I found a copy of Lucy in the Sky at St Vinnies in Blacktown, Sydney.

It has been a strange coincidence and exciting adventure that throughout my life that i have found Paige's books in op-shops and I quite enjoy this tradition I have going for myself. I look forward to finding more on my future op-shop endeavours and adventures.



Published by Jacqueline Ann Lente

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