10 Years Since The Black Parade

10 Years Since The Black Parade

Sep 19, 2016, 10:27:09 PM Entertainment

This year My Chemical Romance's third album, The Black Parade, reaches its 10 year anniversary. There's something about this milestone that gives me the need to ask the question: Where were you when you found out that The Black Parade is a decade old? 

My answer: I was stood in a small branch of WHSmiths, in King's Cross Station, London, when I happened to notice an issue of Rock Sound with MCR on the cover. What struck me was that the photo of the band was from The era of The Black Parade. 

When I was aged twelve going on thirteen, my eyes were always on the lookout for just such a magazine cover...but now? Not so much. Occasionally, I will glance at the music magazines and think back to a time when I would have bought one, but these days I'm not so bothered. But this special edition of Rock Sound got my attention in the way that it would someone who might have accidentally travelled back in time to their teenage years. Thankfully, it's still 2016. Unfortunately, this anniversary means two things to me personally:

  1. I MUST be an adult now, however much I pretend otherwise.
  2. I am old. 

Okay, I'm twenty-two, but seeing the magazine made me feel old. I bought it. I had to, in honour of my younger self, and all the time I spent listening to the album, crying over it and singing to it. For all the times I felt sad and it helped me. For every MCR t-shirt and hoodie I used to wear. But most of all, in honour of the album, which is still to this day one of my favourite albums. I can recite every word of every song, and that's something I'm rather proud of!

So, Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, AND Bob, thank you for existing and making this album. There's no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of people out there who will have a moment of quiet reflection, remembering when they first listened to the album. The opening notes of 'Welcome to The Black Parade' will always gives me chills. 

Here's to MCR, and the ten years since The Black Parade. Ten whole years. 

At least, in all that time, I saw MCR play live once. 

Published by Jade Moore

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Sep 26, 2016, 2:32:33 AM

If you're old, then I'm ancient, ha! Hope you are enjoying the edition :)

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