Book Review: Dan & Phil Go Outside - Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Book Review: Dan & Phil Go Outside - Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Author(s)Dan Howell and Phil Lester
Genre: Non-Fiction, Humour
Pages: 224
PublisherEbury Press
Star Rating⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Opening Line:

The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire! Not the best name in my opinion.” – Dan

“What do you mean, Dan? It’s a great name! One thing was The Amazing Book is Not on Fire, and this was the tour. It made perfect sense.” – Phil

Goodreads Synopsis:

A personal collection of candid photos and insightful stories from Dan and Phil’s adventure ‘in the real world’

Dan Howell and Phil Lester, avoiders of human contact and direct sunlight, actually went outside. Travelling around the world on tour, they have collected hundreds of exclusive, intimate and funny photos, as well as revealing and captivating side notes, to show the behind-the-scenes story of their adventure.

I’m in no doubt that on the day of this books release, most of Dan and Phil’s fans went out and bought this book. Although I consider myself a fan of them, I’m long past the stage of feeling part of any kind of ‘fandom’. I don’t know all the inside jokes, I just watch them and be entertained whilst doing so! I find them funny, and I admire their friendship so much. From their videos together you can tell how much they care about one another, and how happy they make each other. It’s the kind of friendship that we all hope to find, and these two have got a friendship and then some.

If their first book The Amazing Book is Not on Fire didn’t document their friendship to its full extent, then this book definitely does. Although, I’d argue that while their first book was more a scrapbook of their lives both separately and together, this book is literally a photo album of their journey before, during, and after their tour: The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire.

The tour came to Nottingham, but I didn’t go. If they came again I would definitely go since I missed out on what seems to have been a truly entertaining stage show! I love going to the theatre, and from reading (or looking at) this book and the photos in it, I get the sense that they really made full potential of being able to perform in many theatres around the world.

This book could easily have been named more explicitly in relation to the tour, but I love the title because it captures one of the best things about Dan and Phil: that they are two guys who prefer to be inside with little social contact. That’s why they’re brilliant YouTubers, and why that platform allows them to really express their creativity.

The layout of this book is simple. It is a compilation of photographs, sorted into various sections and all accompanied by captions from Dan (in black font) and Phil (in blue italics). This really works as a commentary on all their adventures, and reading it was like being on a tour of their tour.

However, although there were photos aplenty from the actual tour, the majority of photos are taken from the places the tour allowed them to travel to. They toured the UK, America, and Australia. The bulk of the photos are from America, but they all do a good job of portraying not only how much fun they had, but how tough it must have been as well. It can’t have been easy touring a stage show on such a huge scale, but they did it, and I’m sure that all the fans who experienced the stage show were extremely proud.

If you don’t know who Dan and Phil are, then I’ve included links to their YouTube Channels at the start of this review. They are funny, witty, very likeable, and genuinely nice guys. They appeal to me in a way that other YouTubers don’t, and that’s why they are two of only three that I really ever watch.

No fan of Dan and Phil will need persuading to read this book, but for new fans or anyone who is curious I say watch their videos, read their first book and enjoy entering the wonderful world that these two have created!

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