Why I Can't Possibly Do the Things I Do (Quote-inspired Thoughts #2)

Why I Can't Possibly Do the Things I Do (Quote-inspired Thoughts #2)

"The secret of life is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for the rest of your life. And the most important thing is, it must be something you cannot possibly do." - Henry Moore

This is one of my favourite quotes, and it is one that makes itself ever more apparent in my life. It is true, I enjoy my work and what I do, for the most part, but I'm never far away from a challenge. All of my jobs contain elements that I find difficult to deal with, and situations that make me wish to be anywhere else in the world but there. 

My life and jobs cover the following areas: Catering, Customer Service, Journalism, Writing/Blogging. 

And here are the reasons why I cannot possibly do these jobs, but also why doing them gives me satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment:


Why I can't do this job: I have a love/hate relationship with food. I cannot cook. There are a million places I'd rather be than serving students their evening meal. There are a million more places I'd rather be than washing up after those same students. I suffer from eczema on my right hand - washing pots is the worst thing I could do. 

Why I love this job: Out of all my jobs, this is the one I find easiest. It is tough, and hectic, and I sweat more than I've ever sweat before, but I know what I have to do. Sometimes it feels like I go to this job as a break from the rest. It does challenge me though - I need to be clued up on food hygiene, and make sure that everywhere is clean afterwards. And if there's something I love, it's making things clean. 

Customer Service

Why I can't do this job: Customers result in me repeating 'I hate this job, I hate my life' over and over and over in my head. I am an anxious mess of a person and social situations are my least favourite. Words fail me at the best of times, especially when I'm under pressure. I have memory problems. It's easy for me to forget what a customer has just asked me, only 5 seconds after they have asked me. If I'm stressed, my memory blanks out. 

Why I love this job: Confidence. Never have I had so much confidence injected into me by a job before. There's no escaping it. No matter how socially anxious and awkward I am, I'm forced to pull myself together and be my most confident self. This stays with me even outside of my job, and I am occasionally able to function as a confident, socially acceptable human being. 


Why I can't do this job: It's too good to be true. I'm not a natural journalist. In fact, whenever a journalist pops up into a film or a book, the reader is meant to dislike them, no? The hack. The hounding reporter who will stop at nothing to get a good story. The "I'll listen to your side of the story, then I'll go with my angle anyway, the readers'll love it" kind of person. I don't want to be that person. I'm a quiet sort of un-opinionated introvert who wants to be as disconnected from the world as possible. Media law? Government finance? Social Media? Please send help. 

Why I love this job: When I see a person, I see a story. Not the kind of story that is ripe for exploitation, but a story that will inspire others. My social anxiety doesn't matter when I'm interviewing someone over coffee about their passion and their business. Yes, I have a lot to learn, but journalism allows me to explore the world first hand, and then use words to tell a story. Storytelling is what I've always done, and journalism is the key to a career in storytelling, exploration, and writing. Three of my favourite things. 


Why I can't do this job: Sorry, but I'm fresh out of ideas. I'm tired from all my other jobs, and I don't have the motivation to write. Oh man, I haven't thought of a blog post for today, that's one more thing to worry about. Writers' block is a real thing, and it falls in my hand quite often. Yes, I write a lot, but is it any good? I'm still learning, and I'm trying to write about it, as well as so many other things. Writing affords us an abundance of opportunities, and bucket loads of freedom...but it doesn't half put pressure on my mind and my imagination. I never switch off. 

Why I love this job: Writing is my passion. Writing is what I love. I find endless possibilities in it, and I find comfort in words. Self-expression helps me in terms of my mental health, and my overall outlook on life. I'm always thinking of things I can write about, or looking for ideas. Even if none of them are any good, I come to realise that writing for a living is what I want to do. But completing a novel? Getting published? By a big publishing house? Writing a non-fiction book? Being a well-known blogger? Ha, impossible. 

Or is it? 


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