Show Me The Wild Side

Show Me The Wild Side

Today has been spent looking up the best way that i can tick an item off my bucket list and that would be to swim with a whale shark in the wild, I have read a lot of different articles on this today and did not realise how popular it was.

I was initially looking at doing this in Cebu in the Philippines but after reading one particular write up on this I have decided instead to find my own wild experience instead of going with the baited tourist option. This being said though i don’t really know where the best spots are in South East Asia to see a wild none-baited whale shark are, so if any of you have the faintest idea please please let me know.

There are a lot things that you can do in South East Asia based around seeing animals that you may not have in your own country but i beg you please do your research before going to some of these places and check that they are kind and treat their animals with the respect and dignity they deserve.

If any of you are interested in the article that i have spoken about for the whale sharks and the reasons on why its best to find some none baited sharks to swim with here is the link;

Happy reading and i hope to hear from you with any info or just to hear your stories and experiences. peace, love and light.

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