What are the Types of Treatment to Fix an Overbite?

What are the Types of Treatment to Fix an Overbite?

Dec 15, 2021, 10:34:45 AM Life and Styles

Having an overbite is a very common situation that is seen in half of the patients who need treatment by the adult orthodontics near me. The problem of overbite is not a surprising one that is seen in most people now. So if it is found in your child too then no need to worry about this because you are not alone in this category.


Generally, there are two kinds of overbites ie; vertical and horizontal. The vertical overbite appears when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth specifically. The horizontal overbite may result in the sticking of the teeth in front of the bottom teeth. The dental or skeletal issues may lead to cause with such kind of an overbite. Dental overbite explains the issue of the teeth, on the other hand, skeletal overbite recommends for jaw issues. Determining the type of overbite which you are experiencing and how you will deal with it.



Several cases are there where the overbite issue is so minor and it is hardly obvious, while in contrast, this may become critical to make your upper jaw look substantially larger or lower jaw is smaller. There are many issues related to overbites, shifting from speech obstacles to jaw pain, to tearing out the enamel of teeth, and this may lead to gum disease or cavities. This is in your best interest to fix an overbite before and after the real damage is enabled to develop further. Given below are the types of treatment options available.


Types of Treatments

Read out the below-mentioned treatment types-


  1. Braces

The most usual treatment for an overbite is the braces. The overbite braces may occur in two stages of treatment ie; first teeth straightening is the focus. After this, the focus turns to fixing the overbite. In such a situation, the good orthodontist near me will apply the braces and rubber bands to pull out the upper teeth back. Braces treatments will last for many months and even till 2 years, according to the intensity of the overbite. The best solution for an overbite issue is the braces.


  1. Invisalign

The treatment option of Invisalign is the best for the patients who wear the clear aligners for almost half of the day to shift the teeth into the right position. The retainers will be changed every two to three weeks for the development. The Invisalign treatment generally may take several months, and possibly for 2 years. If the problem of an overbite is not critical then Invisalign may switch to your teeth or jawline to fix an overbite. This is the best option to involve the elastic bands that connect the upper and lower aligners, which significantly supports the overbite aliments.


If your children, family, or friends are suffering from an overbite, then you must contact your orthodontist to consider the options of treatment. The best and good news is to take care of the problems as quickly. Your orthodontist should select the treatment plan which is good and best for you. Also, if someone wants to look out the picture of overbite before and after braces then do check out the website. Schedule an appointment today with us!

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