To Have That Thing

Do you know the feeling 
of helplessness
when the only thing that's stopping you
from getting what you want,
is that thing itself?

You can live in the hope
knowing that maybe one day,
one glorious day,
you might have that thing,
then to die in despair.

Because you can go on living
every day for the rest of your life
knowing that maybe,
maybe there will be a way
to have what you have always wanted.

But to know that there's no way—
would mean the end of life.
And you're not prepared 
to give up just yet.

Maybe you never will be.

It's unfair how life places
exactly the very thing
that you can't live without,
right in front of your eyes
always so close, 
yet a little too far.

So you sit there, 
looking at this mirage—
scared that if you walked to it,
you would be driven further apart.

You are happy merely looking 
at what you most want,
and to remain half quenched,
than to die of thirst.

Published by Jal Patel


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