Are Smart Drugs to Boost Cognitive Skills?

Are Smart Drugs to Boost Cognitive Skills?

Apr 13, 2021, 11:27:02 AM Life and Styles

In today’s day and time where competition is rampant, and one is always trying to out beat the other; parents and students both have recognized the usefulness of smart drugs in a day-to-day student’s life. A smart drug is a pill that is intended to make your intelligence capacity better or give you clarity of thoughts, helping you perform your daily task better and faster.


Should students be allowed to use them?

What if when you were studying in a university and a pill is able to make you get more satisfying grades? What would be your natural answer? It would be obviously yes. 

Smart drugs like medication to treat ADHD, narcolepsy and Alzheimer’s have been clinically tested for students’ use and many students taking it have reported positive effects and an improved scorecard. Off-label uses of smart drugs have been increasing and students are reporting good effects to help them get better by serving their requirement to stay focused, observant and alert for a better longer period. 


Is this deception to health in terms of long term usage for students and should their use be regulated?

Modafinil, being a cognitive enhancer approved by the FDA, and the medical association, and society at large, the bigger question is that does the benefit have a much higher risk of side-effects associated in the long term. The answer might be yes. So, the student who feels the need of taking a smart drug by either reading about the benefits online or on recommendation by a friend or a professor, should first talk to his parents and then consult a proper physician to whether he should go for such drug consumption. 


Is procurement and consumption of "smart drugs" serious?

Smart drugs are safe and necessary, as long as you have the requirement for them. But the condition for requirement should not be determined by self-diagnosis. Several college-goers get these types of medications illegally, and while they may appear to benefit them in the short run, there may be serious risks associated with them. 

Side effects may involve insomnia, blurry vision, high blood pressure, a speedy heart rate, and problems getting an addiction to the drug.

Most hopeful possibilities and claims

If you're regarding for seeking nootropic supplements, you should necessarily talk it out with your pharmacy first. All medical supplements, including Online Modafinil 200mg intake by a student, are associated with my advantages. But the side-effects concerned with the drug, your reaction to the medicine and study of your medical history, will give you the insight to know your benefits and health risk better. 

The physician will also guide you as to whether you should stop the drug and if he feels that you are having a lot of side effects and it is highly detrimental to your health.


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