Pillow Packaging Designs are Getting Versatile in 2021

Pillow Packaging Designs are Getting Versatile in 2021

Sep 15, 2021, 10:25:15 AM Business

Every brand desires to set its products apart from others. Many famous brands are making use of pillow boxes for this purpose. These boxes come in various sizes and colors according to the needs of the business. They may contain internal compartments and inserts. Some brands may produce placeholders inside them for holding delicate items. Their production materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. They include but board, cardstock, and eco-friendly kraft. They can come in different thicknesses according to the type of product. They may come with beautifully printed content for winning the attention of people. They may contain printed drawings, artwork, and patterns. They may also include relevant graphical content for describing the product. They also have the logo and name of the company. Many additional features are available for enhancing their beauty. Coatings, lamination, foiling, embossing, and many other add-ons can bring remarkable beauty to these boxes.


Commonly, all businesses have to win appreciation from their customers by providing high-quality products. Therefore, they make sure that their packaging is versatile and attractive. Pillow boxes are becoming popular because of their unique design. Following are some of the reasons that have made them famous in 2021.


Numerous material choices

You may have seen that many industries are relying on pillow packaging boxes to win people's attention. But, do you know why they are popular in the market? One of the essential factors behind their popularity is numerous material choices. You should know that we can use any material for their production. Different brands use different types of materials according to their needs. Plastics, composites, metals, and paper materials are equally essential for them. Due to environmental issues, most brands are using sustainable and biodegradable materials. The most popular materials are cardboard, e-flute corrugated, kraft, and bux board. A wide range of material choices has made them the best packaging for all products in 2021.


Multiple customization options

We know that all the businesses want their packaging to look different from others. They can make use of different customization options for this purpose. Multiple customization options for pillow packaging have made them famous in the market. They are obtainable according to desired sizes. They may be longer or wider. They may contain additional compartments for placing multiple products. They may have various cases of different or similar sizes and shapes. They may also come with beautiful window cutouts. These windows can make your products visible to the audience. These boxes can also contain custom inserts and placeholders. These multiple customization options have made these boxes necessary. All the industries can add their desired features in these boxes.


Printable according to needs

We know that different businesses sell different products. Do you know the importance of printed boxes? Almost all businesses need custom pillow boxes printed with their desired content. Another type of printed content is required for different products. You should know that variable graphical content is essential to demonstrate the product present inside the box. For soaps, you have to print graphics to describe their raw ingredients and their application. For foods, your printed content should display images of the product. Businesses can print them according to their needs. They may print relevant graphics and imagery. They may also print drawings or artwork. They can print textual details according to the type of product. Hence, because these boxes are printable according to needs, they are popular in the market.


Usable on special occasions 

We know that some food products are specific for some occasions. Similarly, some products are sold at special events. To make their packaging special, all the brands try to print them with specific content. The best thing about customized pillow packaging is that they are usable on special occasions. They may contain beautiful quotes according to the event. They may come with desired printed content. For example, they may have images of balloons and candles when they include products for birthdays. They may contain relevant images for Christmas items. Their customizability and ability to match the needs have attracted many businesses to adopt them for impressing their clients.


Beautiful packaging for cosmetics 

We know that the target audience for cosmetic products is females. It is a fact that women demand more beautiful and catchy products. However, they are demanding and judgmental about different products. Most decorative items come inside beautiful custom pillow boxes. They prefer them because they are customizable according to needs. They can get them in desired sizes and dimensions. Moreover, they can print them according to their ideas. Hence, it has become the best and beautiful packaging for cosmetics.


Desired safety for delicate items

We know that different products require an extra level of safety. The best thing about pillow packaging boxes is that they are protective. You can make them more protective by using thicker cardboard flaps. You can also increase their safety features by creating internal compartments or inserts. You can create placeholders for delicate items to reduce their mobility. You should know that these boxes are made from cardboard, bux board, and kraft. They can come with additional lamination to resist damages due to water. Hence, they can provide desired safety to delicate items.


Additional beautification options 

We know that all businesses have to make their packaging extraordinary and distinctive. The most popular way of increasing their beautification is to make use of add-ons. They can either make use of coatings to make their visual appearance catchy. Many types of coating options are available for custom printed pillow boxes. Gloss or aluminum coating can make them shiny, whereas matte coating can give them a diffused outlook. Silver, copper, or gold foiling can help to provide them with a metallic view. Some brands can use embossing for displaying their name and logo. It is the best technique for giving a unique visual perspective to your boxes because it raises text or images against the background. Many other beautification elements such as debossing, PVC, and raised ink are available to make them outstanding. These features have made them versatile in 2021.


We have different features of pillow boxes that have increased their popularity in the market. Their numerous production materials and innumerable customization options have increased their value. They can help to present jewelry and cosmetic items luxuriously before the audience. In addition, they provide desired protection to delicate items and ensure their safe delivery to retail outlets.

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