Why Kraft boxes are Considered Eco-Friendly? Give Reasons

Why Kraft boxes are Considered Eco-Friendly? Give Reasons

However, the most popular and most suitable box among all types of packaging boxes is kraft cardboard. The material used by the industry to make these packing boxes is made from pine wood. It is the wood pulp used to make these kraft paper packing boxes. These boxes are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. They are loved by customers for their strength and durability.

Let’s see the reasons which make usage of these custom printed kraft boxes an eco-friendly option. 

Biodegradable and Reduces the Carbon Footprint

These boxes are made from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials. Unlike plastic, these boxes don't take hundreds of years to decompose, leaving harmful chemicals in the air. Kraft packaging boxes can be easily recycled, which means they don't clog landfills. Recycling materials means consuming fewer resources instead of being used to produce new materials. Kraft makes your brand carbon-neutral, thus attracting more customers.

Very Convenient to Store and Protect

Kraft packaging boxes are convenient for carrying or storing retail products. They are durable to store your elusive products and protect them from any damage. Even during transportation, choosing these boxes will not make you dissatisfied, because they are the best for long-distance transportation. They are made from recycled materials, making these boxes strong, durable, and sturdy. Therefore, they can easily put any type of product inside. Kraft packaging boxes are used to ship any type of food, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, or other retail items.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Eco-friendly packaging products are created with minimalism in mind. Although brown kraft paper boxes provide maximum protection for items, they are designed to be smaller and require fewer raw materials. Therefore, the packaging takes up less space and weighs less. Lightweight packages are more convenient for shipping because they reduce the volume and weight of shipping costs. You can transport multiple packages on the same shipping pallet. This is an effective way to reduce transport costs.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Customers will consider many factors when choosing a product. Over time, customers also tend to use environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the environmental impact of companies. Therefore, they prefer products packaged in recycling bins. Engaging your business in environmentally friendly practices is a great way to improve your brand image. It has greater customer appeal. As customers seek more sustainable products, green has become a major trend. Improve the visibility of your business and you can get a great return on investment.

Kraft Paper Adds Natural Beauty with an Everlasting Appeal

It differs from mass-produced paper packs simply by its more rustic nature. Looking aside, kraft paper won't add too much weight to your box but still has excellent durability. This means you can get the benefits of packages that can withstand more rough handling and movement, but not too much in the way of shipping costs.

Kraft Boxes are Affordable

One of the biggest challenges startups face is budget constraints. Different types of quotes and comparisons can cost a lot of money, and you have almost no funds for other marketing efforts. Therefore, it is important to use kraft paper packaging because it is one of the cheapest packaging options on the market. However, being cheap doesn't mean its poor quality. The situation is just the opposite. Whether you want to start with 100 pieces or 1000 pieces, kraft packaging boxes are ideal for your small business.

Kraft Paper Packaging Offers Extra Protection

These boxes are also known for their durability. Many of our customers who have expensive or fragile products prefer kraft packaging boxes to any other type of packaging. These boxes can protect your products from any kind of damage during the transition or delivery process. You can also provide additional fillers in the kraft packaging boxes to ensure your products stay in place. Furthermore, this type of packaging can also protect your products from other external factors, such as heat and humidity.

These Boxes offer Elements of Flexibility and Versatility

We all know that eco-friendly packaging has a wide range of uses. For this reason, you can reuse or reuse materials as needed. Packaging-related industries can greatly benefit from this feature alone. From electronic equipment to beauty products, there should be packaging options based on the product’s needs. Packaging materials will meet all your needs while reducing costs. More importantly, the packaging materials must be environmentally friendly.

No Harmful Plastics used to manufacture

We all know that traditional packaging methods and materials have greatly contributed to harm the environment. It has caused severe damage to the global warming of the earth. Many other serious environmental problems have also appeared since then. By using environmentally friendly packaging materials, the use of plastic packaging is reduced. It is another detrimental factor. The use of unsustainable petrochemical resources takes a lot of energy to produce. Additionally, petrochemical plastic packaging can also cause health problems due to waste. This is especially true when selecting packaging for food.

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