5 Packing Tips to Help You Travel Like A Pro

Travelling is great, isn’t it? There’s nothing like being able to visit other places, relishing their food and culture and enjoying the hospitality of the locals. Not to mention the beautiful sights each country uniquely offers. But then there is the headache of packing for a trip - you probably wish you could do without that, huh?

Well, the good news is that you can actually learn how to pack more effectively and efficiently so that it won’t be such a pain. Just follow the tips below and packing will go more smoothly for you.

Tip #1 Make A Checklist - This is something that many travelers neglect, even the most experienced ones. It may seem silly at times but bear in mind there is a lot of stuff your mind can think of to pack in your luggage. Using a checklist helps you find out which things are actually necessary and which ones are unnecessary. If you need help deciding what to pack for a safe trip, check out Travel Health Connect. They provide a Healthy Packing Checklist that will spare you the headache that usually comes with not knowing what to pack.

Tip #2 Bring Clothes and Shoes That You Will Really Be Wearing - Examine your closet carefully and ask yourself “Honestly, do you really need to wear that on this trip?” There are probably clothes that you wish you could wear, like that really nice bathing suit that has never been worn, but that you sincerely know you wouldn’t have the nerve to put on in public, especially in a strange new place. Look for clothes in there that you know are absolutely necessary, depending on where you would be going this time. Make sure to differentiate between clothes for formal occasions (needed if you’re going to be in a formal function) and clothes for chilling out on the balcony of your hotel room. The same goes for your shoes - there are formal shoes and then there are sandals for walking on the beach with. Be discerning.

Tip #3 Remember to Pack Toiletries With You - One reason this becomes necessary is that different hotels vary in their style of service, and that includes the kind of free toiletries they are willing to offer. If you have a special brand of shampoo, facial wash, and bath soap that you like, it is a good idea to pack those in your suitcase in case you don’t like the toiletries offered at your hotel for this one trip. Some people are also quite sensitive and can’t use just any brand of cleaning products - so be sure to bring what toiletries you need, in this case. (And don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste too.)

Tip #4 Bring a Portable Iron With You - You probably have heard a lot of advice on packing options for your clothes. Some people swear that rolling your clothes will prevent wrinkles while others say that you should just fold and pack the way you do at home. Well, since there is no one 100% wrinkle-free technique for preventing wrinkles in your clothes, your best bet is to buy a small travel iron that you can pack in your suitcase easily. Look for one that has a relatively long cord (or else buy an extension cord) so that you can iron clothes on your hotel bed. Just make sure the voltage of the iron matches the voltage of the hotel room power outlet too. You can probably buy your travel iron at a duty-free shop at the airport actually.

Tip #5 Don’t Do All Your Packing Only On the Night Before Your Trip - Some travelers are unfortunately also procrastinators, preferring to leave all the packing undone until the very night before their departure. Then they rush through it as if Godzilla was preparing to invade their home right away and then throw everything they can think of in their suitcase. Reduce the stress by taking your checklist and thoughtfully going through it for around three days. Give yourself time to consider carefully what you will be doing during your trip, then checking in your things what should really go in the suitcase. That helps to ease those wrinkles on your forehead and that migraine that is threatening to split your skull in half quite readily.

Final Advice

Travelling needn’t be a pain in the you-know-what for you if you really know what you’re doing. Make a list of what you need on the trip so that you won’t overlook anything. Bring only clothes and shoes that you will actually need to wear for various occasions.

Bring the toiletries that you need or want so that you won’t depend on the hotel toiletries offered by housekeeping. Invest in a portable iron so that you can easily iron your own clothes in your hotel room. And, of course, when you need to pack, give yourself time to do this over a couple of days, so that you won’t feel the pressure so much to pack just the night before your flight takes off.

Published by James Howart


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