8 Fun and Interesting Facts about Keno

8 Fun and Interesting Facts about Keno

Jan 3, 2020, 3:31:23 AM Entertainment

The gambling industry has experienced exponential growth in the backdrop of advanced internet technology. Today, the industry is worth about $ 46 billion with the value expected to double by 2024. While new games have emerged on these online platforms, some timeless casino games remain popular among them keno. This is a classic lottery game based on a mix of luck, adaptable strategy, and well-rehearsed technique. 

If you are after a lottery game with huge payouts and thrilling playing experience, this guide will take you on a journey of keno discovery. Here are some fun and interesting facts about this classical game. 

1. The Origins (“White Pigeon Game”)

Like all games borrowed from the ancients, there are many theories on the origins of keno but the most credible one points to the ancient Han Dynasty. The traces of the first game go way back 3,000 years ago when Cheung Leung, the Emporer of the Han Dynasty, invented it.

The original game had 120 Chinese characters and an enticing massive cash prize for the winner in a creative way for Cheung to boost funds for his army. Pigeons carried results from village to village hence the name “White Pigeon Game.” 

2. Keno Saves a City

The game allegedly saved Cheung’s city that was about to collapse in war.  After winning the Han Dynasty War and saving his city, Cheung continued the game, and it spread across China. 

3. The Game Arrives in the U.S

The influx of Chinese immigrants to the U.S in the 1800s saw the arrival of keno on these shores. Most of these immigrants provided labor for the railways that the country used for economic development. The 130 Chinese characters eventually gave way to simpler 80 characters used in online casinos today. 

4. Hybrid Of Lottery And Bingo 

One of the things that makes keno so popular is the fact that it combines features of lottery and bingo which are already popular with most people. The game presents players with chances of winning multiple prizes with the odds of leaving empty-handed being slim

5. Odds of hitting 20 ( 1 in 3.5 quintillions)

One of the most interesting facts that you will note in most casinos is that players who hit from 17, 18, 19 or 20 numbers get the same prize. Why so? Because the odds of hitting these numbers are 1 in 3.5 quintillions. Simply put, it is impossible to hit these higher numbers. So far, no player has ever achieved this feat and this is not about to change any time soon. 

6. Perfect Definition of a Social Game 

While many players hit the casino with the idea of hitting it big, this classical Chinese game is not top on their list. This is because, like bingo, this is more of a social game where you win multiple low amounts. It is a fun game to play with family or friends as you can hit a couple of numbers and then lose some.  Eventually, you will cover the gaming experiences making it a win-win situation. 

7. Play In Your Hotel 

Many hotels dedicate a TV channel to winning keno numbers for local lotteries.  It is a complimentary in-room feature that will help you play and follow results any time of day or night.

8. Wide Range Of Online Games 

With most people now playing at online casinos, keno varieties have emerged on these platforms. The most popular of these include Bonus Keno, Fire Ball Action, Lucky Keno, Last Blast Keno, Grand National Keno, Golden Egg Keno, Turbo Keno, and Tutan Keno, among others.

Final Thoughts 

Are you looking for an online casino game that allows you to let loose without breaking the bank? Keno is your answer as you only need to pick numbers and wait. It is a fun game to while away time with family or friends without worrying about how much you spend. 


Published by James Howart

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