8 Reasons Why Dedicated Developers Can Save Cost

8 Reasons Why Dedicated Developers Can Save Cost

Feb 11, 2020, 3:27:33 AM Business

Deciding to take on a new software development project can be costly. Not only do you have to hire the right talent, but you have to make sure you invest in the right resources, including hardware and software. The skills, experience and flexibility your in-house team offers may not always be sufficient and it can increase costs in the long run if your project requires intensive support, testing and problem-solving. When looking at the dedicated development model, its benefits create the ideal solution to these issues. No matter the requirements you have for your project, a dedicated, specialist development team offers more commitment, a higher level of skills and faster turnaround times. This results in more efficient and more affordable projects. Businesses who are looking for cost-saving options and more experience and skill should consider to hire dedicated developer or a dedicated team. Let's look at why dedicated developers can save costs: 

8 Reasons Why Dedicated Developers Can Save Cost 

A dedicated developer is an individual who offers his or her skills, knowledge and experience to businesses, and works remotely on software development projects. A dedicated remote software developer is ideal for large and long-term projects. The benefits involved include more commitment, high skills and affordability. Here are eight reasons why you can save costs by hiring dedicated developers: 

1. No recruitment costs

When hiring an in-house developer or development team, there are often high recruitment costs involved, especially when using a third-party recruiter. For example, a recruiter may charge admin, onboarding and placement fees for longer employment periods. When hiring a dedicated team independently, these costs are cut out. 

2. No office space rent 

When you decide to take on a new development project, you may need extra working space. For example, if you work in a smaller office, you may need to rent alternative space to accommodate hardware and extra people to work on the project. On the other hand, dedicated teams work remotely, therefore, there is no need to hire office space. Especially for bigger, long-term projects, this can save a lot of costs. 

3. No resource requirements 

An IT development project involves high costs related to resources, including hardware and software. For instance, you may have to buy complex programming language software and extra computers. When you hire dedicated developers, you no longer have to invest extra capital in these resources, as they use their own. 

4. Faster turnaround times 

Lengthy projects can incur high costs. For example, when working with an in-house team they have to focus on their general day-to-day tasks while still working on your project. This becomes expensive when the project runs for several months. Dedicated developers are focused entirely on one project and, therefore, offer faster turnaround times. This can decrease costs as projects' duration, from start to finish, is shorter. 

5. Dedicated to the end

A dedicated developer or dedicated team is committed to one project only. This means that you do not have to hire other experts for testing and problem-solving after the project is finished. The developer or team is dedicated to the end and can save you plenty of extra costs. 

6. No extra costs 

In-house teams often require additional charges, for example, medical aid benefits, leave and retirement annuities. However, when hiring a dedicated team there are no such costs. 

7. No over-time 

Dedicated teams often have a once-off fee or charge by the hour. This means that you can carefully plan your budget. There are no hefty over-time costs involved. For instance, when an individual works eight hours a day, and you require an extra two hours, you pay the normal rate and not extra over-time rates which is often 1.5 times the normal rate. 

8. A comprehensive solution

Projects often require extra work, as evaluation processes and updates. When working with an in-house team, they may lack the skills to handle this. A dedicated team offers more knowledge and experience and can include these types of tasks. This can save costs as you do not have to hire new experts specifically for this. 

Trying to hire local can waste a lot of time and money. The dedicated developer model has been specifically designed to save businesses valuable time, resources and costs. The average software developer salary and senior software developer salary for remote workers do not come close to the costs involved in hiring in-house teams. Furthermore, dedicated developers can also bring fresh ideas to the table resulting in better, more innovative projects. With the peace of mind you have in knowing you have a committed team and are saving costs, you can focus on other core aspects of your business. This is why experts are advising: Save money and time hire dedicated developers.

Let's look at a few popular companies which have gone this route with their development projects:

Companies That Use Dedicated Developers

Deciding to invest in a dedicated developer or team is a big step. There are lots of factors to consider. Luckily, more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of hiring dedicated developers and choosing this solution for their projects. This makes it easier to hire dedicated developers with confidence and complete peace of mind. Here are a few major companies who have decided to hire remotely: 

  • Studytube

  • Walmart 

  • Spotify 

  • Dell

  • Unomy

  • Carerix

  • IGM Technology 

These are just a few large companies in a variety of industries who have realised the incredible advantages of using dedicated teams for certain development projects. They have been successful in working with these remote developers to create successful software products. 

Final Takeaway 

Compared to an in-house team, dedicated developers offer plenty of benefits when it comes to development projects. A dedicated development team can join forces with your full-time team, to combine a high level of skill and affordability. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for businesses who want to save costs on longer, more complex projects. The bottom line is: Modern businesses who want to invest in quality IT projects and want to save costs can no longer afford to ignore the potential of the dedicated development team model. 


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