Is A Maid Worth the Money?

Maids are the most hired home help in America. Most middle-class families can afford to hire one to clean occasionally. The highly privileged can have a maid come over more often. Depending on circumstance, a maid may be an excellent option to keep your home in order. If you are not extremely wealthy, some cleaning will have to be done on your own part. Typically, a family has a maid come over twice a week to do specific chores. This isn't always the case though. Some choose to have one come every week or every two weeks. It depends on financial situation and the number of chores the homeowner is willing to do themselves. 

The Bathroom and Kitchen 

Many hire a maid for the sole purpose of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. These two locations are the dirtiest parts of a home. Most homeowners clean the rest of their home and leave these two locations for the maid. Maids often spend their entire day switching homes to clean these two locations. 

Some tidiness should be kept in this area before the maid comes. Typically, people hire maids to clean out areas that are hard to clean. A prime example is the oven. Ovens are difficult and gross to clean. This is especially true if meat is prepared often in the home.  

The toilet is often cleaned by a maid in homes where one is hired. The toilet collects a lot of bacteria and is overall nasty to clean. You should consider hiring a maid if you hate to clean this area. 


It's common for singles to hire a maid. Families often have one parent who does the housework. Singles must work and aren't used to household responsibilities as they are often younger. A single should consider hiring a maid if they feel they do not have time to clean the bathroom or simply hate the task of doing so. 

Small Children 

Taking care of small children is extremely stressful. They often leave a large mess wherever they go. This mess is topped off with the other care needed to raise them. A maid can help clean up after your kids. It allows you to be less stressed during the day. If your children are too small to pick up their toys themselves, you should consider bearing the responsibility for it. A maid's service can be wasted if you are giving them an hourly wage to pick up toys. 


Seniors often do not have the mobility to do some tasks. As we get older, our bodies find it difficult to reach over and push things. Picking up things that drop on the floor can be dangerous. Hiring a maid is an excellent way to make sure these tasks are completed. Those who have physical problems that require someone to do care besides cleaning should consider hiring a nursing assistant to come over to help them. 

Different Prices

A maid costs a lot more in New York City than they do in Houston. It widely depends on the area you live in. A maid may charge extra for certain tasks. Obviously, different maid services charge different amounts even if they are in the same area. It depends on the service company. Some maids work independently. 

It's possible to find maids on You may also be able to find nursing assistants if you need someone to provide cleaning and an extra level of care. Different pricings will be listed online. Calling a service can still get you a quote. You will have to tell them what you'll need, and they'll quote you a price. It's easy to do. 

Do I Have to Buy Them Supplies? 

Maids come with their own supplies. Part of the fee your paying is for the supplies they bring with them. With that said, if you have something that needs to be cleaned with something that is not common, you will need to pay for it. You may need a specific and expensive cleaner for the freezer. This cleaner may be expensive and not common. It will probably be your responsibility to pay for it. 

When to Call Someone Else

A lot of maid service companies do not perform carpet shampooing and services of that nature. If this needs to be done, consider hiring a carpet shampooing company to perform the service. There are maid services that do perform these tasks; however, it may not be available in your area. 

Is It Worth It? 

This depends on your personal situation. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, it may be better for you to do the cleaning yourself. Those who are not in this situation may benefit from a maid. It's better to not over exhaust yourself if you have a lot of responsibilities.


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