New Casino Bonus Structures Prove that the Customer Wins in Competitive Industries

New Casino Bonus Structures Prove that the Customer Wins in Competitive Industries

Jan 3, 2020, 12:34:34 PM Entertainment

Innovation and competition are what’s required for an industry to progress and create a better offering for its consumers. Right now, massive companies appear to be dominating in major areas of digital industries, such as Amazon in eCommerce or Google in web browsing and many other internet-based services. While they made it to the top by out-competing the rest, at some point, the companies may become so dominant that they no longer need to compete, to an extent, needing to invest less in remaining on top.

Industries are always better for the customer when companies are competing against each other to be the best and most appealing. The prime industry to look to for evidence of this is the iGaming industry, which sees many different brands competing in the online casino sector. Each platform competes in its own way, some through game selection, some through advertising campaigns, but the latest revelation is the new form of casino bonus which is very appealing to new players.

The new online casino bonus craze

Online casinos have to offer a welcome bonus to potential customers because all of the other platforms do. Potential players now expect a bonus for joining a platform, which has made the welcome bonus an area on which brands can compete. New players will always seek the best opening offer, and until recently, online casinos believed the best way to do that was through bonus funds and free spins to a quantity that matched the opening deposit.

Now, thanks to some shrewd moves from leading casino sites in Canada, you can find more varied casino bonuses, including the revolutionary no-deposit bonus. Some players didn’t like how they had to commit money to a platform to get a bonus, but now, the no-deposit bonus means that players merely need to sign-up to get some bonus play at the online casino.

It’s the sheer level of competition between brands that have altered this formerly appealing but somewhat shackled bonus system into a very user-friendly structure. Even though no-deposit bonuses come under one banner, there are still a couple of different ways in which websites offer them to standout.

The forms of no-deposit bonuses

There are two ways in which online casinos can make no-deposit bonuses even more appealing, with the most common way being to have them in the form of no-deposit free spins. Slots are by far the most popular iGaming creations, with certain titles standing out as long-lasting favorites.

Egyptian mythology is a very popular point of interest all over the world, making for a great theme to be used in stories and games, which is why Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead is so unrelentingly popular. As the slot game is so popular, it is used as the focus of no-deposit free spins by some operators, adding a familiar and popular face to the bonus.

The other way to present a no-deposit bonus is to have it offered in the form of bonus funds. With a set amount of no-deposit bonus cash, players can try out many different games. Those who want to try out the Lara Croft Temples And Tombs slot after the video game trilogy concluded can do so, but they can also try out the Live Game Shows or jackpots.

No-deposit bonuses are now the most sought-after online casino promotions, with the innovative brands putting them up initially benefitting from an increase in players. If it wasn’t for the increasing competition, these new user-friendly bonus structures might have never come into existence.


Published by James Howart

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