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Hi my name is James I am 24 years old and I really enjoy working out. I live in Canada and I also thoroughly enjoy writing. For whatever reason I have lived an extremely dramatic life with tons of life stories.  I am an aspiring personal trainer right now and I also just broke up with my girlfriend who has made the last 6 months of my life a living hell. I enjoy cooking fantastic meals when I can afford it and like to think I have lots to teach others about life. Most people are miserable in there expensive homes and fancy cars. There is more to life than money and I strongly encourage readers to go out and experience life for yourself. I enjoy fashion and think of clothing as an extension of myself. Right now I don't have anything materialistic as it all got lost in the catastrophe that was my last relationship. I am struggling immensely day to day with motivation yet I still thoroughly enjoy writing as I find it helps me push onward with the day. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer . I am just getting into this whole online social networking thing so bear with me as I try to update my Facebook and even make a twitter account lol .

I am doing better now and have lots of clothes!! I also got lots of my motivation back as well as built 5 pounds of solid muscle !!! Booyah ! Thank you creator!

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