Prayer For The Road To Anita

Prayer For The Road To Anita

Dear Lord Jesus Christ I am going to see my girlfriend Anita at the hospital she is not doing well at all. I need to know if she is good for me and if I should continue to see her. Please lord reveal yourself today and show me the way. Show me a healthy happy way to be with Anita or tell me it isn’t good for me and show me how to move forward.  Show my mother too as she needs to know more than I for the safety of this house. I just cannot go through the kind of hell that I went through before. The people at this house are scared of me and I am scared of myself sometimes. We could all use a sense of safety and security.

Please lord heal our broken hearts and let forgiveness flow through our souls. Allow healing to take place and help restore my girlfriends sanity in this crazy time. Divine spirits these feeling of separation and loneliness are crippling and we would both like to go back to work and have a sense of normalness. Help us to heal and regain our lost sanity . I would like to know if me and Anita can live normal lives together and if we are good for one another. I also would like my family to have peace about my situation , that I am on the right track to healing and on the right track to safety and security.

Dear lord how I was living my life before was not healthy for anybody. I want to live a life that is good for everyone and doesn’t harm people in the process. I could use a sign today as I go out and all the strength you can give me lord so I do not fall off track. I could use your awesome wisdom and powerful strength to guide my actions today lord. I open myself up to you so I can do what it is that you want of me. I tried to do it myself last time and failed miserable. I want to live a holy life under your awesome guidance divine spirits and archangels. Please help me and guide my words and my actions to the truth of the matter in what happened and what is going to happen.

In Jesus name Amen

Published by James Jantzen

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