What I Want In A New Woman

What I Want In A New Woman

Jun 25, 2016, 6:26:54 PM Life and Styles

I want a woman who dresses up on a regular basis and takes care of her hygiene. It’s not cool to dress up and act all womanly for two months and then let yourself go when you have your man. Anita use to dress up but after a few months it was sweatpants and no make up ever. Unless she was going out. Is it too much to dress up for me all pretty when were all by ourselves at home ? It just isn’t cool and I felt very deceived about who she was and how she portrayed herself. She also didn’t shower very much at all which caused her to smell on a daily basis. Her hair was also fried beyond belief so that when she didn’t do her hair it looked like a by product of a bad experiment. Her hair would go out in all directions and cause my face to break out in rashes. God at least look presentable on a daily basis that is what I ask. It is just not cool to have lady parts that smell that badly on a daily basis. Then blame it on me because I don’t want to have sex? Your so insecure about your body that is a you problem and not a me problem. She told me that is just how her vagina smells… lol!! Later we found out she had a yeast infection . I knew I wasn’t crazy…

Call me shallow but I love curves on a woman, I really do. It drives me crazy and I still feel shallow but she had no curves at all. She also called me bro and dressed like a boy too. That is just too much for me to take. You smell like asshole and look like a boy, then you blame me for not being attracted to you… come on!! So unfair! I showered almost every day and made sure my beard was cleanly groomed. Not to mention she never brushed her teeth which always made me hold back when we were kissing . It is hard to get into kissing when you feel like you might vomit. Not to mention her room was always a mess and I was cleaning it all the time. Then when I didn’t clean it she would get ridiculously upset!! I mean she was such a savage but you would never guess it when she walked out the door. If she walked out the door you would think she is a god damn clean princess. Then when you get to know her you find out that she is a sick savage.

She was literally bed ridden for days on end with various sicknesses. She had a yeast infection , she had three places on her body where puss was oozing out of her body and she had to have surgery . She also had tummy aches that caused her to lay in bed and miss work. She was quick to call the doctor and slow to man up and just take the pain. It was just too much for me. I needed her to take responsibility for her sicknesses and hygiene. It obviously had something to do with her emotions and mind because she was sick so god damn much. Her periods caused her to be a psycho bitch for days on end with the excuse that she was on her period. I am pretty sure this is not normal and she wanted me to just lay there and be sick with her on days for end. I am surprised I don’t have puss oozing out of my body right now.

She also didn’t have any hobbies at all other than smoking weed and cigarettes. She also enjoyed conflict and watching jerry springer. She told me she use to go for jogs and write all the time. She didn’t do any of that shit anymore and we ended up just sitting there all day doing nothing. Then when I wanted to do something she would complain that there was nothing to do because we were broke. Then I got another story of how its all my fault that we just sit there and do nothing all day. Sorry bitch I blame that on you, you held me back and were a terrible life partner. I am glad you are no longer in my life and I hope you don’t come back because I cant go back to that dark hellish prison. Farewell evil beast I hope you find some kind of peace for all the shit you did to me. You didn’t deserve how nice I was to you . Go back to your drug dealing boyfriends that give you all the coke you want . Have a good life!!!! Amen!

Published by James Jantzen

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