Reasons Why Religious People and People in General Should Stop Judging People who Sin

Reasons Why Religious People and People in General Should Stop Judging People who Sin

Read the quote above before reading.

One observation that disappoints me daily is that society has mastered the habit of judging each human being that we notice. We are all thoughtlessly quick to judge the girl who downs alcohol like it’s water and then consecutively makes bad decisions because of it or the 16 year old girl that became a teen mom because the void in her heart from yearning for a dad is taunting her so she finds a guy to take his place. The boys who had to watch his mother suffer with putting food on the table by herself and felt worthless so he decides to become a drug dealer, another boy who saw his dad routinely abused his mom so he does the same or the boy who feels so depressed that he stares at her gun waiting to cock it at himself. Something that we all need to remember is that every single person was born with innocence and oblivion and I truly believe that no one chooses to be who their circumstances evolve themselves into at least once in their lives.

Every human being is brought into this beautiful earth with a heart filled with innocence, love and faith. Everyone goes through a period of time in their early life when typically, there are no struggles, judgments, and deep rooted emotional pain clinging to them just oblivion. Every single person will experience turbulence in their lives but it’s very important to remember that everyone is born a good person with an inner peace from God and that everyone starts their struggle at different times which should make a difference in your thoughts and actions on judgment.

Some people have to undergo their first personal sighting of darkness given by the world at the innocent age of four or so and others will experience the first glimpse of darkness from the world at, maybe, ten years old which is a huge factor in why not to judge. For example, that sixteen year old teenage girl, who we mentioned above, always struggled with not having her dad around which caused her to feel unworthy of love from guys so she decides to get physical affection from a sexual, greedy, and, God lacking heart. She ends up pregnant at sixteen and a lot of obstacles have contorted her delusion of a happy path down the Motherhood Trail. She’s trying to be the best mom that she can be and her heart is breaking behind the curtains but YOU and YOUR FRIENDS are going around constantly calling her a “whore”, “a sinner”, and “unholy”. Eventually, the stress, trials, name calling and judgment from people, who have also sinned in “better” ways than her, start to weigh on her heart and she turns to God because she knows that she can’t make it through without him and feels like if he can’t help her pay the bills without doing unholy acts then nothing else can.

The young mother looked at her bills and bank account and those numbers do anything but match or that are even divisible so she finishes her motherly duties for the night and dropped to her knees to pray for the first time since she was a child.

“Dear God, I know that I have sinned and disobeyed you by creating this beautiful baby out of wedlock and I know that it upsets you that this happy spirited little human being does not have a dad around right now but I am extremely sorry. I’m really sorry that this has been the first time that I have seeked you through all of my pain but I know that I need you now and I am here wholeheartedly for your help. I have had the Devil and his demons come to me regularly trying to lure me into stripping and dancing but I my heart and soul don’t want to and I also know that it’s not something that you would want or condone. Show me that if I let you into my life and listen to your loving commands and to guide me to believe those things. Help me believe that you will provide for me and always have my back when I need you whether it’s tough love or a shoulder to cry on. I promise that I will commit myself to a strong and dependable relationship with you. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen”.

After this, she has dedicated her life to creating and strengthening a relationship with God and her life is turning into something amazingly beautiful. The more she prays to him, the more solutions for her to handle her problems with come to the light for her because she now listens to God’s voice. This young mother makes an effort to spend her free time with God and makes an effort to attend church service every time there is one! She has felt alone her whole life but the day she found the perfect church that made her feel like she was designed to fit in like a puzzle piece. The Lord put it into her heart that this is the place that they are supposed to be baptized and a Sunday soon after, they did! The little girl that once felt like she was all alone is now a member of a Teen Mom Youth group run by her church and her heart is reminded that God is always with her! God has also called her to share her testimony on Youtube and other social media and make videos to spread the messages to a younger population but not only that. Lastly, her calling was also to open a foundation for teen parents to learn life skills and support.

Now read that quote again and think about it every time before you judge someone. 

Published by Jamesha Kirkland

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