Bandaged World

Four days ago, I had a minor injury. It had to be bandaged in order to moderate the discomfort. For the following days, even when I shower, I don't remove the bandage. For some reason, it made me feel safe. Not just from the ache of the wound or the water but from the outside world. The bandage is just around my feet and with it, it felt like I would be immune to any kind of pain. I was actually terrified of taking it off and having to feel spasms of distress. Although, I have experienced injuries much worse than this, it still has me caught up in this uneasy feeling of having to walk around again with the wound exposed to the dangers of the world. But, then, a while ago, I decided to have it removed. And it didn't hurt as much. No, it's like nothing happened with my foot. I was being clouded with this fear of feeling the pain, that all along, it was pain, an old friend, that I've been dreading to meet.

And then, I realized one thing: we were born bandaged. We came into this world, covered in protective pieces of cloth. We were yet too blind and innocent. As we grow up, pieces by pieces, the bandage come off. Some are those that we deliberately remove. It was when we learn that not everyone is fit to be your friend, or that you don't always get a perfect score on your exams, or the things you want. And, that's okay. We agreed to have some bandages removed because we constantly learn about life. There's nothing wrong in being late in class once. It's okay if you weren't in the mood to eat during dinner. It's okay to not be okay. We err, because we're human. And, at an early age, we remove the bandage of mistakes. We learn that things don't necessarily have to go our ways.

As time flies, we learn to fly with it. We learn of school, and the importance of time management. We learn about the priorities in life and those who were just there to be a bookmark of your history. We learn that people leave, and they always will. At this point, although hesitant at first, we eventually concede to remove the bandage of holding on and self-love. In school, we learn that you don't always have to abide by the rules. Sometimes, it takes the courage to be different from everyone in order to stand out. But, it's not always easy at first, it's just a matter of getting used to. We were born loving life as an innocent child. During our teenage years, we tend to hate it because of the continuous waves of problems in school, family, and relationships. We were, at first, terrified to remove the bandage of comfort and optimism, just like how I was afraid to do so. We were wounded first, before we were bandaged. And that's where our fears come from. In the end, we learn that it doesn't always have to be a happy ending. We learn to accept things with the way they were made to be. In the end, we learn to love ourselves and the people around us. With it, we learn to love life itself.

As days passed, it is through these bandages that we see life as it is. We learn about pain, suffering and sad endings, but at the same time, we also learn about comfort, satisfaction and good outcomes. But, then, after removing these bandages, we do not throw them, we keep them instead. They're a reminder of our mistakes and a lesson we would go back to every now and then. They're the failures that eventually lead us to success of removing every other bandages in our body and help us face the real world, unprotected. They're the heartbreaks that we thought we would never get over, but it instead willed us to become a better, more stronger person.

These bandages aren't just our shield placed carefully out of fear of feeling what the world has prepared for us. These bandages are our sugarcoated lives, meant to bring us to do without fear of failure, to hope without fear of judgment, to expect without fear of disappointment and to live without fear of death.


Published by Jamie K.


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