When I was a kid, I used to think my soulmate has the same family number as I have. I thought he should also be the youngest of three siblings. I used to think he should have the same hobbies & talents as I do. Or the same interests and ambitions. The same dream. But, then, I grew up.

Destiny should be known as the universal downfall; a disappointment, a blind alley. Because, I used to think my soulmate should be my first love, or shouldn’t have any other first first loves besides me. I used to think he should light up the night sky and climb trees for me. But, I grew up. And everything I used to think, was the opposite of how they really are.

My soulmate doesn’t have the same family number as I have. He has bigger! I have those who don’t even consider me as family. He’s not the youngest, in fact, he’s the kindest. I’m otherwise. His hobby was to keep me away. His interests were days when I couldn’t be around. His dream was a world without me.

My soulmate has lots of first, second, third loves. Me? I’m neither. I was never one in the first place. Instead of being the moon, the stars, he’s the clouds that cover them so they won’t be able to reach my eyes. And he doesn’t climb trees, he cuts them.

When I was a kid, I used to love the idea of growing up. I used to be enthralled of meeting my soulmate. I used to think we’d grow up together and make our dreams real. We’d do the things we both love together. We would never part ways.

But he was my destiny. My downfall.

I’m thankful I grew up.

Published by Jamie K.


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