It’s been a long time since we’ve talked,
A long time since we’ve seen each other,
A long time since I’ve heard your voice,
The voice that keeps me awake, keeps me alive,
A long time since I’ve looked into your eyes
The eyes full of wonder
Eyes that felt like an abyss you’d fall into
The eyes that kept a whole new world inside
The gaze that didn’t just give me the butterflies,
But it gave me the universe.

And it’s a tragedy,
How I’ve fooled everyone,
How I’ve fooled them with the smiles I bring with me,
It’s a tragedy
How I still couldn’t get over you,
How you kept on crossing my mind.
What a great tragedy it is,
How you’ve let everything go that easy.

But then I guess that
The greatest tragedy of all,
Is the part where
We let go
Of what could’ve been.

Published by Jamie K.


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