4 Things to Know Before You Watch OITNB Season 4

4 Things to Know Before You Watch OITNB Season 4

Okay, so the newest season of Orange is the New Black was CRAZY and everyone has probably already watched it by now, but for those of you who haven't yet, or maybe you have and just want to read up more about the series, here's somewhat of a guide to read before (or after) you watch it. 

1. No One is Safe  

This is as self-explanatory as it seems. No character in this season is safe, for a multitude of reasons I can't go in depth about because...spoilers. But, just know, characters you've come to love, whether they're from season 1 or they were introduced later in the series, no one is safe. I personally really like that this series shows us that no character will be unharmed, or untouched, just because of the popularity of them. I really like how "relatable" it is to real life in the sense that things can happen to anyone, no matter their status. 

2. We Need to Change Prison Life 

This was probably not intended, but maybe it was: There is a real issue with our prisons in America and how we treat our prisoners. And before you go jumping down my throat, just hear me out. Relating to the show, the women are in a minimum-security prison, which means they aren't violent offenders or have proven they aren't violent in other prisons and are sent to Litchfield. In this season, we see the CO's really "crack down" on the women, and treat them inhumanly. This is not far fetched as to how prisoners are really treated. We also get a small glimpse into psych when a character is taken there and we see how they are also treated, which is very heinous. This show reflects and covers the parts of prison life that needs to change. The prison's over populated, and the prisoners are mistreated, raped, threatened, killed, traumatized and countless other things by the people responsible for their lives. This is a topic I should go more in depth about in the future, but for now, I feel like the series highlights the illegalities and crookedness of prison, not from the inmates, but from the people in charge. 

3. Grab Your Tissues 

Like the previous seasons, you usually need a handful of tissues around at all times when bingeing on this show. Sometimes it's from the comedy and how it really makes you laugh until you cry because of the lovable characters, but other times you really begin to feel for the women. This season is unlike any other previous season due to the actors really stepping their game up, and the writers doing the same. This season encapsulates the good, the bad, and the real of human emotion and interaction and just how humans react when their lives or the lives of their families are threatened. OITNB has always been really great at showing raw and real emotion from it's actors, but season 4 really knocked it out the park. From Taystee's impeccable performance, to Laverne Cox coming out of solitary and really looking like she had been there for months. The way each and every person put their differences aside and stood together to make a change, really just shows humans at their base and how they're willing to sacrifice for the greater good. While some "sacrifices" aren't actually up to the person that was sacrificed, it still entices a change within the women and within the walls of the prison. 

4. You Can't Just Watch One

As you probably know if you've been watching for the past 3 seasons, this is a binge worthy show. This isn't a show you just can turn on and watch an episode every day, this is definitely something you spend your weekend doing. It's a show that you spend pretty much on the couch, in front of the TV, waiting for the next crazy thing to happen. The 13 episodes we get every season leaves us wanting more and more and more, but if there were any more than 13, I doubt any of us would really leave our homes. But, that doesn't stop us from wanting AT LEAST 20 or so episodes each season. Okay, maybe not that many, but come on Netflix, we deserve a new season more than once a year! Anyway, definitely plan on not doing anything with your life for the 13+ hours it takes for you to binge this show. 


There are a million other things I could talk about forever about this show, but I don't want any spoilers in this for the few people who haven't watched it yet. I know it's a sad overview and not specific to any one person or situation, but it is just an overview. Orange is the New Black is one of those shows that no matter how long the hiatus between seasons is, viewers will always come back to see what happens next. I'm not even sure what we did before Netflix, or before OITNB. But, now that you've read a few things about season 4 and you know a little about what's up, go watch it. Put your life on hold for the weekend, don't get out of your PJ's and just binge the show. Happy streaming! 

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Jul 19, 2016, 9:09:10 PM

Nice read!! I'm behind on this show, so thanks for not spoiling it for me. :)

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