Make Up For Glasses Tutorial (pictures)

Make Up For Glasses Tutorial (pictures)

Today, I am doing a tutorial for make up for glasses! I normally don't wear make up when I wear my glasses because they're usually a sign of a lazy day or bedtime or tired/irritated eyes for me. But, I know the few times that I'm too lazy to put my contacts in and I have to look somewhat presentable, this is usually the type of look I go for! If you're wanting to learn how to do make up for when you wear your glasses, keep reading! 



Studio Session-230.jpgStudio Session-231.jpgStudio Session-238.jpg

Starting with a clean face, I moisturized with my First Aid Beauty moisturizer. For foundation today I decided to use my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. This is a great option if you have dry skin, or what a thin foundation. If you have really oily skin, I'd stay away. It's a "glowy" foundation, so if you're oily it'll leave your face looking like an oil slick by the end of the day. I've noticed this foundation sets pretty well and isn't tacky, so I just use the powder on the lids, right under the eye, inner corner, and a bit on the jawline to sharpen the bronzer later. (TIP: use a very thin layer of foundation around your nose where your glasses will sit. If you put too much foundation on, it will be rubbed off by your glasses. If they sit on your cheeks, also use a thin layer of foundation or use a thicker layer of colored powder in that area. You could bring the powder with you also for touch-ups throughout the day.) 


Studio Session-239.jpg

Today I'm using my Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette, it was limited edition, but any neutral palette or shadows work just the same. 

Studio Session-240.jpg

First, I'm using the shade "Righteous" all over the lid to the brow. It's a flesh tone color on me. You could use another shadow that's similar to your skin tone, or just your face powder! 

Studio Session-241.jpgStudio Session-242.jpgStudio Session-243.jpgStudio Session-246.jpgStudio Session-247.jpg

Next, on a fluffy crease brush I used a light warm brown color in the crease. I really blended it out so it was very defused and there were no harsh lines. Then, on a smaller flat brush I used a dark neutral brown shade and focused it in the crease. This darkens it and makes the eyes look deeper. I then used a fluffier flat brush with the same shade and very lightly blended the dark color out. I finished it off by blending the edges with the fluffy brush with leftover light brown shadow on it (meaning, I didn't dip my brush back into the  eyeshadow I just used what was left over on the brush). 

Studio Session-248.jpgStudio Session-249.jpg

I used a small flat brush with a matte black eyeshadow and focused that in the crease, mainly on the outer corner. Be careful to not touch the lash line or bring the color too low on the lid. You want the lid to still be very light. (TIP: if your glasses MAGNIFY your eyes, you can get away with bringing the darker colors down and not making the lid so light. Focusing the dark colors in the crease and keeping the lid light will make your eyes look larger. So, if your eyes already look large with your glasses, put the black in the outer V of your eye. You can also go heavier handed with your colors since your eyes will be behind a frame and lenses.) 

Studio Session-250.jpgStudio Session-251.jpg

I'm using a white all over the lid with my Younique double ended brush. Take it up to the crease. This will make your eyes look larger and brighter. Like I said earlier, if your glasses magnify your eyes, don't extend the white all the why to the outer corner. 

Studio Session-257.jpg

I used my large Tarte brush to wipe away any excess powder around my face. Studio Session-260.jpgStudio Session-261.jpg

I then used my black liner on the tightline. Only use it here if your glasses don't make your eyes larger. If they do, you can use the black all the way around your eyes. This will make them appear smaller. That's optional though. The black on the tightline will make your lashes look thicker and your lash line darker. Studio Session-263.jpgStudio Session-265.jpg

I then filled my brows in with my pomade from Anastasia and the clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place all day. 

Studio Session-266.jpgStudio Session-267.jpg

Next, Better Than Sex mascara! I'd avoid using falsies for this look if you're going to wear your glasses, obviously. You know your lashes always hit your lenses, so falsies would make that worse. 

Studio Session-268.jpgStudio Session-270.jpgStudio Session-271.jpg

Now, to bring some color back to the face. I'm using NARS Laguna Bronzer on the permitter of the face and NARS Orgasm blush. I'm then using Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop on a fan brush for my highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, inner corner and upper lip. 

Studio Session-272.jpgStudio Session-273.jpg

I like bright lips with glasses, so I'd use a red or pink. Since the eyes or so neutral, any color on the lips works. I also think bright colors brighten the face, and it looks nice with glasses. For the lips today, I decided to use a lip stain by Younique (order yours from my store!) I also used a nude lipliner to slightly overdraw my upper lip. Studio Session-276.jpg

Here's the look without the glasses! I'd say bright lips and bold brows are the way to go with glasses. Brows help frame your face without your glasses, but with your glasses if you don't fill them in or fill them in too lightly, they get lost and something looks off. So adding a heavier hand with your eyebrows and eyeshadows will help your eyes stand out behind your glasses. 

Studio Session-277.jpgStudio Session-285.jpgStudio Session-281.jpg

Here's the look with glasses! I decided to use my black framed glasses for this look, but with neutral colors, any colored frames work! I'd avoid contouring the nose for this look also. If you did, it would draw too much attention to the nose and that would be the first thing that would be noticed. I hope this was helpful for glasses-wearers out there! Thanks for reading! :) 

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