Modern Classic Make Up Tutorial (pictures)

Modern Classic Make Up Tutorial (pictures)

Hi everyone! For today's look I wanted to do something classic with a modern twist. Today we're doing a winged liner and red lips. So, go get your products and let's start! 

Studio Session-350.jpgStudio Session-351.jpg

My skin has been acting weird lately, so ignore the redness and blemishes. You're going to want to start out with a freshly washed face and moisturize your skin! For this, I'm using my Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty. This is a thick moisturizer that is great for my dry skin. I'm also using my Aquaphor Lip Repair lip balm, but your favorites of each will work. Ideally, after moisturizing your skin, it would need to sit for about 20-30 minutes so it's completely absorbed before applying your foundation. But, since most people can't just sit around waiting for their moisturizer to sink in, I'm going to do my eyebrows first. 

Studio Session-353.jpgStudio Session-354.jpgStudio Session-355.jpg

Doing your brows first allow you to use concealer to clean them up. This "carves" the brows out making them look very defined. Concealer also helps conceal any unwanted hairs that haven't been plucked. I'm using my Anastasia DipBrow in soft brown with the #12 brush. I'm then using my Younique Cream Shadow brush and Revlon ColorStay concealer to clean up around the brows. Finally, I'm finishing everything off with my Anastasia clear brow gel. This stuff is like glue! It's not sticky, but it does "glue" your hairs in place all day to keep them tamed and looking sharp. Any excess concealer left over on your hand or palette is used on the eye lid to prime it. You could also use an eye primer for this, but I find concealer works just as well. 

Studio Session-356.jpgStudio Session-357.jpg

I'm going in with a large, fluffy eyeshadow brush with a skin tone color, Truth, from my Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. This sets the concealer we just put all over our eyelids. A face powder works just as well if you can't find an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. 

Studio Session-358.jpgStudio Session-359.jpg

I'm then going in with my Make Up Forever Liquid Eyeliner pen. This is a felt tip pen which is easier for me to work with. There's a million different eyeliners on the market, so you just have to find one that works for you! I'm doing a winged liner today, I'll have an in depth tutorial coming up soon about how to get the perfect winged liner. Normally, "classic" makeup looks with winged liner is fairly thin. Today I decided to make it a little thicker today, which gives it the "modern" twist. A good guideline when doing winged liner is to follow your lower lash line up towards to corner of your brow. 

Studio Session-361.jpgStudio Session-363.jpgStudio Session-364.jpg

I find that doing any eyeshadow is easier after I've already done the wing because if I need to correct anything with makeup remover and a Q-tip it won't disturb any eyeshadow work. If you're going to do a very dramatic eyeshadow look, though, do the eyeshadow first. But, for today, we're just using a neutral brown in the crease. For this I'm using the shade "Tyranny" from the Pulp Fiction palette from Urban Decay. I'm then using a white shade with a small brush on the lid and inner corner. 

Studio Session-365.jpgStudio Session-366.jpg

For primers today I'm using 2 different ones! Yes, 2. It's a bit excessive, I get that, but I've done this for a few days now and I'm really liking the combo. So, I'm using a pore filling primer from Younique. This has a slippy texture to it, so it's going to fill your pores in and allow your foundation to sit beautifully on the skin and not sink into any pores and exaggerate them. I'm then using my L'oreal Magic Lumi primer all over the face. This is an illuminating primer so it'll give your skin a dewy finish. I have dry skin, so I'm all about that glo! 

Studio Session-367.jpgStudio Session-368.jpgStudio Session-369.jpg

Ignore how GHOSTLY I look. I'm using my NARS Sheer Glow foundation. It's a pretty great foundation for those who have dry skin, like myself. It says it's a glow foundation, but I don't really see any glow with it so that's why I used an illuminating primer. I'm using my Revlon ColorStay concealer and my NYX HD Finishing Powder. Now, let me take a minute here to just complain about how much I HATE this powder. It leaves my face looking too cakey every time I use it. It leaves a white cast on my face. It does make my skin FEEL smooth, but it doesn't look smooth AT ALL. It's not my favorite powder and today, for some reason, it really sent me over the edge of hatred. So, I ran out and bought a new powder. But, it's just powder at the end of the day. It's not the end of the world. Studio Session-370.jpg

Mascara! If you've seen any of my previous tutorials you already know what mascara I always use. TooFaced Better Than Sex mascara. It's my all time favorite, if you haven't used it yet, why? Why haven't you? GO. GO NOW TO SEPHORA. GO. BUY IT. Anyway, it's my favorite mascara. I find that it gives me enough UMPH to not need falsies. Moving on tooooooo the face! 

Studio Session-373.jpgStudio Session-374.jpgStudio Session-376.jpg

Please ignore the dry patches and powderiness you're seeing in these pictures. It's from the NYX powder. GAH. Anyway, I'm using the Champagne Pop by Becca cosmetics in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. I'm then using my double stack palette with a dark blush. I'm using this on the sides of the cheeks, somewhat like a bronzer. I've been really into this look lately. Which is a very 80's look, but I'm into it. 

Studio Session-378.jpgStudio Session-379.jpgStudio Session-381.jpg

So, for my lips I'm going BOLD. I'm doing a red lip. Red lips are so fussy, they're the winged liner of the lips. If your lips aren't feeling it, red lips aren't going to work. But, work at it. Unfortunately, I didn't have my red lipliner. It was somewhere in my kit and being a lazy lazy, I didn't want to dig it out. So, I WINGED it. Ha. Anyway, I'm using Outlaw by Kat Von D. It's a matte liquid lipstick, so this is going to stay forever on your lips. I'm then going in with a MAC lip crayon as my lipliner. It was probably not the smartest idea since it's thick, but oh well. It still worked out. For any type of bold lip of any color, you'll need to probably clean the edges up with concealer an a brush. I'm using the same concealer/brush combo that I used on my brows. This does a couple things. It obviously cleans up the lines to help them not look so wobbly bobbly. It ALSO highlights around the lips making the color POP even more. 

Studio Session-383.jpg

Lastly I'm spraying my Breath of Fresh Air toner water from lush on the face. This isn't a finishing or setting spray. It's just going to help take care of the powderiness and cakiness, which isn't cute. So. Spray yo face, girl. (or boy. :)) 


BONUS!! Hair tutorial! 

Honestly, this is the easiest up do in the history of up dos. But, since this is a "classic" look, I decided I wanted to wear a bandana. And, I also decided I wanted to show you how I do it. So! Here it goes. Studio Session-385.jpg

You'll need a hair tie. And some hair. Mine happens to be wild and crazy today. (And every other day of my life.) Studio Session-387.jpgStudio Session-388.jpg

First, start by pulling all of your hair up to the top of your head. You can use a brush to smooth it out if you want, but I like the messy look, and I'm lazy, so I don't use a brush to get it flat against my head.

Studio Session-389.jpgStudio Session-390.jpgStudio Session-391.jpg

Once it's all on top of your head, you're going to throw all of your hair forward in front of your face. Then put the hair tie on like you're going to do a pony tail. BUT, before you loop it the first time, you aren't going to pull your hair all the way through. Leave the ends in the tie. Then loop it for a second time (or how ever many times you need to depending on your hair). The ends will be hanging out around your forehead. That's what ya want. Studio Session-392.jpgStudio Session-393.jpgStudio Session-394.jpg

You're then going to pull on your bun a little bit until it's completely circled around your head. Then move the ends around the bun until it's t your liking. Also, pull a few pieces out around your face. Now, you can totally stop here and call it a day, but if you want to add a bandana, here's how I do it. 

Studio Session-395.jpg

I like to cut my bandana's from corner to corner because I find them easier to fold this way, and it also makes them less thick.Studio Session-396.jpg

I then fold it up until it's a long regtangularish piece of cloth. I usually leave the little corner down until I put it on the back of my head. 

Studio Session-397.jpg

I put the corner down on the back base of my head and then wrap the bandana around my head. 

Studio Session-400.jpgStudio Session-403.jpg

Then I double knot the tie, and that's it! You can tuck the tail pieces in if you want, but I don't really care either way. I mess with the ends of my hair stick out and move the bun a little over the tie. I also like to leave my ears tucked in the bandana. Not for any particular reason other than I just do. Studio Session-414.jpgStudio Session-442.jpgStudio Session-445.jpg

That's the finished look! It's a modern-ish take on a classic look! I hope you all enjoyed. See you in the next tutorial. Have a great day! 

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