Pretty, Bright & "Natural" Make Up (pictures)

Pretty, Bright & "Natural" Make Up (pictures)

Aug 11, 2016, 1:04:59 PM Life and Styles

Hey guys! I'm back with another photo tutorial for a "natural" looking make up look today. Since I got so much good feedback on my last tutorial, I've decided to start aiming this blog towards beauty. If you're interested in this look, keep reading!


Studio Session-090-2.jpg

I started with a clean, bare face. Before starting I used my Clarisonic to exfoliate and get all the dry skin off. Then I used a hydrating face mask to help my dry skin. Studio Session-093.jpg

Since my skin has been super dry since moving inland, I've been needing intense hydration for my skin. I'm using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream on my face and neck and my Aquaphor Lip Repair lip balm. Since this moisturizer is soooo thick, I let it sink into my skin for about 20 minutes. The lip balm stayed on until I was ready to put my lipstick on. Studio Session-095.jpgStudio Session-097.jpgStudio Session-098.jpg

I wanted a really fresh looking face today, so I wanted my skin to look bright, which means I was trying to get rid of the redness. I used the Maybelline Master Prime in the green color to help correct my redness, only putting it where the redness is. It also somewhat made my skin matte. Studio Session-099.jpgStudio Session-100.jpg

To help bring back some dewiness, I liberally used my Becca Cream Highlighter in Pearl on my cheekbones, nose bridge, upper lip and chin. Studio Session-102.jpgStudio Session-104.jpgStudio Session-105.jpg

Today I decided to use the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Pore-less foundation focusing it primarily on the center of my face then using my black Beauty Blender to blend it outwards. Whatever was left over on the back of my hand I used on any areas that needed more attention. Studio Session-108.jpg

With my Revlon concealer I used it in the darkest parts under my eyes, around the nose, and any blemishes on my cheeks, then used the beauty blender to blend it all out. Studio Session-110.jpgStudio Session-111.jpg

I then used my Maybelline Mineral Powder Finishing Veil loose powder around my eyes and on my jawline. I then used my large Tarte brush to sweep away the powder around my eyes.

Studio Session-112.jpgStudio Session-113.jpg

Then I used my Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Pomade and #12 angled brush to define my brows. Today, I didn't want a super defined look, so I just filled in the bald spots and evened the tails out. I wanted them to look fairly natural for this look.

Studio Session-116.jpgStudio Session-117.jpgStudio Session-119.jpgStudio Session-120.jpgStudio Session-121.jpgStudio Session-122.jpg

Moving onto eyes! I'm using my Urban Decay Gwen Setfani palette (on sale for $25 now!). All over the lids with a flat brush, I'm using "Baby". It's a pinkish champagne shimmery color. Then I used "Bathwater", a shimmery yellowish shade, on the inner half of the lid. I mixed "Anaheim" and "Stark", both light matte browns, with an angled fluffy crease brush and lightly applied them to the crease. Lastly, I used the shade "Blonde" as a brow bone highlight. Studio Session-123.jpg

I tightlined my upper lash line with the Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeliner in black to make y lashes look thicker and help the lash line look more defined.

Studio Session-125Studio Session-126

I used my favorite mascara, which is drying out :(, on my upper and lower lashes to help my eyes look bigger and more defined.

Studio Session-127.jpgStudio Session-128.jpg

I then used my extremely dirty, and pretty old, Coastal Scents Double Stack Palette for the blushes. For this, I mixed a light coral and a bright pink and very lightly applied them to the cheeks. 

Studio Session-129.jpg

I brushed away the jawline bake (powder) with my large Tarte brush. This just highlights that area and sharpens the bronzer or contour shade. 

Studio Session-130.jpgStudio Session-131.jpg

For the bronzer today, I used my Nars Duo Blush/Bronzer in Laguna. Then I used my Coty Airspun Powder is Luminous Translucent to highlight my face. Studio Session-142.jpgStudio Session-144.jpgStudio Session-148.jpgI tried several lip colors before finally deciding on this. I wanted something light and pretty for the lips to brighten the entire face, but not over power it like a red would. I used a lipliner from L'Oreal in the color "Forever Rose", I slightly over lined the lips and added lines on the bottom and top lips to help them look bigger and pouty. To fill everything in I used Maybelline Color Jolt in "Never Bare".

Studio Session-150.jpgStudio Session-157.jpg


That's the finished look! I hope you enjoyed this quick fresh faced look. It's a prefect look to look awake and polished without looking too over done. Have a great day, and I'll see you in the next post! 

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Pretty look! :)

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